Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Virginia, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 37.405073750176946, Longitude: -78.94775390625


Matches 1 to 145 of 145

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann T  1797Virginia, USA I10085
2 Elizabeth F  Abt 1798Virginia, USA I3075
3 Ida B  Abt 1892Virginia, USA I14111
4 Luticia  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I8031
5 Mary E  Oct 1831Virginia, USA I8843
6 Nancy  Abt 1840Virginia, USA I10146
7 ABERNATHY, John  14 Jan 1789Virginia, USA I285
8 ANDERSON, Anna Aylett  Abt 1879Virginia, USA I10121
9 ANDERSON, Thomas  1 Apr 1762Virginia, USA I521
10 ANDREWS, Argene  4 Nov 1881Virginia, USA I574
11 ANDREWS, R R  Virginia, USA I1797
12 APPERSON, Charles D  Abt 1924Virginia, USA I10564
13 APPERSON, Harvey Black Jr  Abt 1922Virginia, USA I10563
14 ARGENE, Emma  Virginia, USA I1798
15 ARMSTRONG, John I  Abt 1873Virginia, USA I12034
16 BARRET, Lyne Taliaferro  7 Nov 1832Virginia, USA I9850
17 BLACKWELL, Mary Rebecca  9 May 1891Virginia, USA I10058
18 BLANCH, John R  20 Dec 1868Virginia, USA I14373
19 BOWERS, Ida Y  Sep 1869Virginia, USA I8047
20 BOWERS, Lottie  Oct 1878Virginia, USA I8048
21 BREEDLOVE, John W  Abt 1831Virginia, USA I8440
22 BRIGGS, Robert Cullen  6 Aug 1863Virginia, USA I7251
23 BURKS, Kate D  1870Virginia, USA I10532
24 Burris, Charles O  5 Nov 1881Virginia, USA I15006
25 BYERS, Elizabeth  10 Sep 1796Virginia, USA I457
26 CARTER, Annie L  9 Feb 1895Virginia, USA I10144
27 CARTER, Herman Wilson  6 May 1892Virginia, USA I10143
28 CARTER, Retta E  18 Jan 1896Virginia, USA I10145
29 CARTER, William E  7 Apr 1891Virginia, USA I10142
30 CARTER, William M  Abt 1820Virginia, USA I10140
31 CHANCELLOR, Virginia  10 Nov 1834Virginia, USA I10571
32 CHAVIS, Kate  Virginia, USA I3895
33 COLLIER, George Washington Sr  24 Jun 1803Virginia, USA I3100
34 DAVIS, Charles W  Abt 1846Virginia, USA I8449
35 DAVIS, Eliza Margaret  1 Jun 1835Virginia, USA I8001
36 DAVIS, Hannah A  Abt 1839Virginia, USA I8446
37 DAVIS, James C  Abt 1834Virginia, USA I8444
38 DAVIS, Mary I  Abt 1837Virginia, USA I8445
39 DAVIS, Sarah I  Abt 1844Virginia, USA I8448
40 DEBUSK, Margaret Virginia  29 Oct 2013Virginia, USA I14587
41 DUNLAP, Sara Logan  7 Jun 1929Virginia, USA I12384
42 FLEMING, Sarah Jane  1776Virginia, USA I83
43 GAINES, Lucy  Virginia, USA I11942
44 GAMBLE, Emely E  27 Jan 1836Virginia, USA I13579
45 GAMBLE, James A  Abt 1830Virginia, USA I13583
46 GAMBLE, Margaret E  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I13584
47 GAMBLE, Mary Ann  3 Aug 1833Virginia, USA I13585
48 GAMBLE, Philander  1 Oct 1800Virginia, USA I3068
49 GAMBLE, Rebecca  Abt 1829Virginia, USA I13582
50 GAMBLE, Sarah Jane  26 Dec 1831Virginia, USA I3076
51 GAMBLE, Theophilus  12 Jan 1812Virginia, USA I290
52 GAMBLE, William H  29 Apr 1827Virginia, USA I13581
53 HADEN, Charles Simms  19 Jan 1824Virginia, USA I12642
54 HALE, Andrew Jackson  1815Virginia, USA I10857
55 HALL, Susannah  Abt 1763Virginia, USA I9307
56 HANSBROUGH, George Woodson  16 Aug 1828Virginia, USA I10570
57 HANSBROUGH, George Woodson  21 Oct 1908Virginia, USA I10558
58 HANSBROUGH, Lila Ashby  24 Sep 1858Virginia, USA I13664
59 HANSBROUGH, Livingston Chancellor Sr  1856Virginia, USA I10557
60 HANSBROUGH, Marian W  Abt 1915Virginia, USA I10561
61 HARVEY, Samuel Edward Sr  23 Feb 1912Virginia, USA I12634
62 HOPKINS, Garland James  21 Jul 1887Virginia, USA I10098
63 HOPKINS, Garland James Jr  12 Apr 1931Virginia, USA I14901
64 HUBBARD, John S  21 Jan 1810Virginia, USA I9494
65 HUBBARD, Lucy A  4 Oct 1839Virginia, USA I9492
66 HUDSON, Hannah  Abt 1803Virginia, USA I575
67 ISOM, Catherine  26 Nov 1820Virginia, USA I10858
68 JOHNSON, W Jerome  Abt 1856Virginia, USA I6399
69 JOHNSTON, Susan  1800Virginia, USA I12029
70 KENNEDY, Thomas Seilles Sr  Nov 1899Virginia, USA I10184
71 LANGHORNE, James Madison  26 Nov 1810Virginia, USA I11375
72 LEE, John S  Abt 1782Virginia, USA I1321
73 LEE, Louisa  Abt 1784Virginia, USA I132
74 LOGAN, Andrew H  Apr 1827Virginia, USA I8419
75 LOGAN, Ann Payne  1846Virginia, USA I10080
76 LOGAN, Anne  Abt 1904Virginia, USA I10194
77 LOGAN, Annie L  Abt 1863Virginia, USA I8004
78 LOGAN, Benjamin Edgar  19 Aug 1866Virginia, USA I8431
79 LOGAN, Carrie L  Aug 1897Virginia, USA I8435
80 LOGAN, Charlotte W  25 Feb 1906Virginia, USA I10534
81 LOGAN, Eddie Virginia  Apr 1895Virginia, USA I8434
82 LOGAN, Edith Erskine  Abt 1855Virginia, USA I10069
83 LOGAN, Elizabeth Kent  8 Mar 1888Virginia, USA I10095
84 LOGAN, Elsie Addison  Nov 1874Virginia, USA I10104
85 LOGAN, Eusebius H  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I576
86 LOGAN, Fielding Lewis  1939Virginia, USA I14600
87 LOGAN, James Fielding Lewis  9 Apr 1903Virginia, USA I10074
88 LOGAN, James H H  Abt 1864Virginia, USA I8034
89 LOGAN, James P  Abt 1861Virginia, USA I2943
90 LOGAN, James William  15 Jan 1815Virginia, USA I229
91 LOGAN, Jane E  Abt 1830Virginia, USA I577
92 LOGAN, Jane Elizabeth  11 Nov 1816Virginia, USA I227
93 LOGAN, Jane M  Abt 1849Virginia, USA I10081
94 LOGAN, Jean Dandridge  Aug 1843Virginia, USA I10089
95 LOGAN, Jesse B  Abt 1905Virginia, USA I10533
96 LOGAN, John A  Aug 1849Virginia, USA I938
97 LOGAN, John Lee  16 Jul 1878Virginia, USA I10106
98 LOGAN, Katherine W  Abt 1913Virginia, USA I10535
99 LOGAN, Kyle Blackwell  24 Apr 1924Virginia, USA I14107
100 LOGAN, Louisa Lee  1843Virginia, USA I10083
101 LOGAN, Lucinda A Elizabeth  Abt 1855Virginia, USA I8032
102 LOGAN, Margaret E  Jun 1882Virginia, USA I12211
103 LOGAN, Mary Louise  17 Oct 1839Virginia, USA I10088
104 LOGAN, Mercer Patton  Abt 1856Virginia, USA I10070
105 LOGAN, Myrah V  Aug 1894Virginia, USA I10192
106 LOGAN, Nannie Beulah  Abt 1904Virginia, USA I10134
107 LOGAN, Philip Clayton  1904Virginia, USA I10556
108 LOGAN, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1860Virginia, USA I8428
109 LOGAN, Sarah S  27 Feb 1877Virginia, USA I10105
110 LOGAN, Sidney Strother  11 Jan 1862Virginia, USA I10064
111 LOGAN, William Andrew Pennick  22 Sep 1899Virginia, USA I8436
112 LOGAN, William Benjamin  4 Sep 1859Virginia, USA I8002
113 LUKENS, Charles Edward  17 Mar 1929Virginia, USA I12385
114 LUSK  Virginia, USA I11533
115 MCNULTY, Charles See  Abt 1878Virginia, USA I10120
116 MONROE, Frances A  1844Virginia, USA I8929
117 MOORE, David Ewing  7 Apr 1808Virginia, USA I3366
118 MOORE, Ralph Lyon  23 Jun 1878Virginia, USA I2882
119 MOSS, William S  1835Virginia, USA I8842
120 MOYER, David Baxter  21 Feb 1910Virginia, USA I12207
121 MOYER, Margaret Grace  23 Jun 1893Virginia, USA I12205
122 OBERTHIER, B C  Virginia, USA I8861
123 OBERTHIER, Edward Chester  25 Mar 1846Virginia, USA I8869
124 PANNILL, Ann Eliza  1821Virginia, USA I10079
125 PATTILLO, Mary  13 Sep 1768Virginia, USA I1287
126 PETTY, Mariah A  8 Aug 1822Virginia, USA I14207
127 POWELL, Laura Holmes  5 Oct 1827Virginia, USA I15618
128 PURYEAR, Elizabeth  Abt 1790Virginia, USA I11345
129 THOMAS, Martha Angelina  13 Mar 1842Virginia, USA I9851
130 THURMOND, Virginia Jane  1781Virginia, USA I7116
131 WALTON, Drury Douglas  1806Virginia, USA I11884
132 WATTS, Benjamin RS  5 Oct 1764Virginia, USA I5411
133 WHITE, Alexander  Abt 1871Virginia, USA I10170
134 WHITE, Anna Clayton  27 Apr 1883Virginia, USA I10176
135 WHITE, Erskine L  Abt 1876Virginia, USA I10172
136 WHITE, James W  Abt 1872Virginia, USA I10171
137 WHITE, Jennett  Jun 1880Virginia, USA I10174
138 WHITE, Mary O  Apr 1878Virginia, USA I10173
139 WHITE, Nelly L  Nov 1881Virginia, USA I10175
140 WHITE, Rosa  Sep 1884Virginia, USA I10177
141 WHITE, Sallie J  Oct 1890Virginia, USA I10178
142 WHITE, Samuel  Jul 1841Virginia, USA I10107
143 WILLIAMS, Laura L  Abt 1821Virginia, USA I10200
144 WINDLE, Jesse A  Virginia, USA I11532
145 WINN, Clara May  22 Jul 1893Virginia, USA I14110


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DORN, Nita Mae  14 Jun 2009Virginia, USA I12719
2 HORN, Jerimiah  26 Dec 1780Virginia, USA I9305
3 LOGAN, Anna  Aft 1850Virginia, USA I192
4 LOGAN, Philip Clayton  1917Virginia, USA I10556
5 MCPHEETERS, Mary  1764Virginia, USA I12045
6 MCPHEETERS, Rachel  16 Dec 1849Virginia, USA I133
7 OVERTON, Richard Roy  28 Nov 1997Virginia, USA I12714
8 PATTILLO, James  Aft 1698Virginia, USA I1302
9 PAYNE, George Jr.  15 Mar 1784Virginia, USA I1585


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / WATKINS  15 Sep 1748Virginia, USA F170
2 WISEMAN / BLANTON  Virginia, USA F808