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Tennessee, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.79999392988527, Longitude: -86.748046875


Matches 1 to 229 of 229

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1832Tennessee, USA I11990
2 Hattie E  Dec 1854Tennessee, USA I9937
3 Katherine Louise  Abt 1879Tennessee, USA I14028
4 Mary S  Abt 1807Tennessee, USA I10115
5 Mollie A  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I8821
6 Ruth  Jun 1860Tennessee, USA I12602
7 Sarrah L  Tennessee, USA I9592
8 ALLEN, Elizabeth  Abt 1835Tennessee, USA I4965
9 ALLEN, Sarah Louise  14 Mar 1913Tennessee, USA I14033
10 ALLISON, Mary Jane C  28 Apr 1846Tennessee, USA I10112
11 ANDERSON, Ethel Mildred  31 Jul 1889Tennessee, USA I1807
12 ARENDALE, Thomas John  1856Tennessee, USA I11166
13 ARNOLD, Mary Hudspeth  Abt 1836Tennessee, USA I1878
14 BAGLEY, Elisha Webster  1919Tennessee, USA I13065
15 BAIRD, Ophelia Evaline  15 Oct 1818Tennessee, USA I9475
16 BALLARD, Franklin Perry  Abt 1868Tennessee, USA I12558
17 BALLARD, Joseph Cason  4 Feb 1878Tennessee, USA I12559
18 BALLARD, William L  Abt 1860Tennessee, USA I12556
19 BARHAM, Elizabeth Jackson  4 Mar 1831Tennessee, USA I813
20 BARHAM, Joel Hamlett  22 Apr 1847Tennessee, USA I6035
21 BARHAM, Mary Harrison  25 Jun 1829Tennessee, USA I6031
22 BARRON, J A  Tennessee, USA I10024
23 BERRY, Earl H  17 Sep 1904Tennessee, USA I15025
24 BERRY, Ethel Sue  Abt 1912Tennessee, USA I15026
25 BERRY, L C  Abt 1914Tennessee, USA I15027
26 BERRY, Lewis G  18 Aug 1882Tennessee, USA I15023
27 BERRY, Paul H  Abt 1917Tennessee, USA I15028
28 BETHELL, John W  Abt 1854Tennessee, USA I10841
29 BOGGESS, Jiles Sanford Jr  16 Jul 1827Tennessee, USA I4852
30 BOWDEN, Mollie Eudora  1 Nov 1859Tennessee, USA I6999
31 BRIMER, Thomas Jefferson  Tennessee, USA I9591
32 BROCK, Lee  23 Jan 1861Tennessee, USA I14036
33 BULLION, Apalo R  15 Mar 1936Tennessee, USA I14975
34 BUNCH, Terry H Sr  1 Dec 1876Tennessee, USA I10767
35 BURFORD, Washington C  Abt 1810Tennessee, USA I4880
36 BURFORD, William J  15 Apr 1812Tennessee, USA I4885
37 CAIN, William C  23 Mar 1881Tennessee, USA I13133
38 CARLTON, Margaret E  23 Apr 1846Tennessee, USA I11705
39 CARLTON, William Blake  11 Jan 1814Tennessee, USA I11713
40 CASON, Bettie Perkins  3 Mar 1867Tennessee, USA I6540
41 CASON, Daniel McKnight  25 Feb 1854Tennessee, USA I12562
42 CASON, Helen Hart  24 May 1881Tennessee, USA I7001
43 CASON, Irene Harris  7 Jul 1881Tennessee, USA I12554
44 CASON, James E  9 Feb 1871Tennessee, USA I6546
45 CASON, Joe Robert  9 Sep 1864Tennessee, USA I6539
46 CASON, John Perry  9 Oct 1904Tennessee, USA I6998
47 CASON, Joseph Dickson  24 Jul 1858Tennessee, USA I12564
48 CASON, Joseph Tatum  Abt 1915Tennessee, USA I12581
49 CASON, Laura Alice  18 Dec 1862Tennessee, USA I12547
50 CASON, Leonidas Claude  3 May 1875Tennessee, USA I12572
51 CASON, Lewis Dryden  26 Oct 1868Tennessee, USA I12569
52 CASON, Mary Caroline  17 Oct 1855Tennessee, USA I12563
53 CASON, Mary Jane  1 Mar 1873Tennessee, USA I12551
54 CASON, Rebecca Ann  Abt 1919Tennessee, USA I12580
55 CASON, Rebecca McKisick  27 Jul 1852Tennessee, USA I12561
56 CASON, Rhoda Jane  10 Oct 1864Tennessee, USA I12567
57 CASON, Robert Eleazah Leight  5 Oct 1868Tennessee, USA I12549
58 CASON, Ruth Eliza  Mar 1879Tennessee, USA I7000
59 CASON, Sarah Catherine  7 Feb 1877Tennessee, USA I12553
60 CASON, Sarah Margaret  17 Oct 1860Tennessee, USA I12565
61 CASON, Sophia Elvira  3 Feb 1878Tennessee, USA I12573
62 CASON, Thomas Franklin  5 Sep 1864Tennessee, USA I12546
63 CASON, William McKnight  25 Aug 1866Tennessee, USA I12548
64 CASON, William Thomas  1 Nov 1852Tennessee, USA I6996
65 CLIFTON, Tom  Tennessee, USA I11051
66 CLOUD, M L  Tennessee, USA I5531
67 COATS, Marion Able  1 Jan 1837Tennessee, USA I7529
68 COLLINS, A B  8 May 1824Tennessee, USA I7347
69 COOK, George  Oct 1866Tennessee, USA I4454
70 COOK, Mary A  31 Aug 1825Tennessee, USA I210
71 COPELAND, Thomas Benton  15 Sep 1842Tennessee, USA I5390
72 CRAIN, Joel Burditt  6 Sep 1813Tennessee, USA I6176
73 CRAWFORD, Onie  Abt 1914Tennessee, USA I11757
74 CURRY, Rebecca  1817Tennessee, USA I11729
75 DARNELL, Evalyn  Tennessee, USA I11698
76 DICKINSON, John C  Jan 1892Tennessee, USA I7030
77 DICKINSON, John W  Dec 1850Tennessee, USA I7029
78 DICKINSON, Lewis A  Jul 1895Tennessee, USA I7031
79 DICKSON, Margaret Hannah  18 Jul 1833Tennessee, USA I12560
80 DOUGHERTY, Letitia  Tennessee, USA I14008
81 DUNSUN, Emily R  Tennessee, USA I8062
82 DURHAM, Eliot  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA I11989
83 DYKES, Albert Estes  10 Sep 1910Tennessee, USA I11737
84 DYKES, Alice Fain  Feb 1886Tennessee, USA I11707
85 DYKES, Estelle  19 Oct 1905Tennessee, USA I11753
86 DYKES, Horace Gallard  Apr 1883Tennessee, USA I11706
87 DYKES, Inez  Dec 1893Tennessee, USA I13234
88 DYKES, James Minos  29 Aug 1871Tennessee, USA I1617
89 DYKES, James Minos Jr  3 Nov 1905Tennessee, USA I11736
90 DYKES, John N  10 Sep 1901Tennessee, USA I13236
91 DYKES, Lee C  4 Dec 1904Tennessee, USA I11752
92 DYKES, Norah Pearl  Mar 1900Tennessee, USA I13237
93 DYKES, Ora Rebecca  5 Jan 1910Tennessee, USA I11755
94 DYKES, Robert J  Dec 1889Tennessee, USA I13232
95 DYKES, Rose  Feb 1888Tennessee, USA I11708
96 DYKES, Ruth  Feb 1888Tennessee, USA I11709
97 DYKES, Sallie Jane  10 Oct 1884Tennessee, USA I13229
98 DYKES, Sidney Branch  16 Jul 1874Tennessee, USA I1214
99 DYKES, Thomas  Oct 1892Tennessee, USA I13233
100 DYKES, Woodrow  22 Nov 1912Tennessee, USA I11756
101 EDMONDSON, John W  17 Nov 1839Tennessee, USA I1839
102 EMMERT, Lula  24 Sep 1890Tennessee, USA I12620
103 ERLINGER, Rachel C  19 Apr 1876Tennessee, USA I9589
104 ESTES, Belle Gates  27 Jul 1883Tennessee, USA I11735
105 FINCH, Elizabeth M  20 Jan 1825Tennessee, USA I6519
106 FINGER, C L  Tennessee, USA I11715
107 FINGER, Julian  Abt 1908Tennessee, USA I11716
108 FOREE, Allie E  7 Dec 1898Tennessee, USA I10249
109 FOREE, Carey Oliver  2 Sep 1896Tennessee, USA I10248
110 FOREE, Grace S  Abt 1905Tennessee, USA I10251
111 FOREE, William Edwin Sr  13 Jan 1902Tennessee, USA I10250
112 FRIERSON, Allen P  Abt 1886Tennessee, USA I14884
113 FRIERSON, James White Stephenson Jr  5 Jul 1838Tennessee, USA I6972
114 FRIERSON, Lawrence W  Abt 1885Tennessee, USA I14883
115 GARDNER, Clifford Anderson  9 Jul 1869Tennessee, USA I7717
116 GARDNER, John Smith  17 Dec 1872Tennessee, USA I7719
117 GARDNER, Susan Eloise  19 Mar 1871Tennessee, USA I7718
118 GILLESPIE, Mary Ann  24 Dec 1817Tennessee, USA I1510
119 GOOD, Alice Parlee  16 Oct 1855Tennessee, USA I10900
120 GRAY, John Sr  3 Jun 1847Tennessee, USA I11315
121 GRAY, Margaret  17 Jun 1843Tennessee, USA I8870
122 GRAY, Samuel  12 Feb 1813Tennessee, USA I11305
123 GRAY, Zachariah  Abt 1840Tennessee, USA I11314
124 GREEN, Franklin Eli  Tennessee, USA I14007
125 GREEN, Thomas E  Sep 1868Tennessee, USA I5994
126 HAMILTON, Mary Jane  28 Jan 1840Tennessee, USA I12544
127 HARRIS, Stephen Lafayette  12 Jan 1846Tennessee, USA I9428
128 HAYTER, Samuel Hayes Sr  15 Feb 1816Tennessee, USA I6518
129 HILL, Elijah C  Aug 1848Tennessee, USA I12601
130 HILL, Henry Hudson  27 Nov 1879Tennessee, USA I12596
131 HOLLIDAY, Mary Ann  16 Nov 1809Tennessee, USA I9616
132 HOLMES, Jasper Kilburn  5 Oct 1875Tennessee, USA I1941
133 HOLT, Mary  Tennessee, USA I10998
134 HOOVER, Charles Rayburn  2 May 1892Tennessee, USA I5576
135 HOOVER, J Lemuel  Dec 1854Tennessee, USA I5474
136 HOOVER, Mary  Sep 1886Tennessee, USA I5574
137 HOOVER, William F  Dec 1882Tennessee, USA I5572
138 HOUSTON, Silvanus W  28 Oct 1848Tennessee, USA I3984
139 HUNTER, Rebecca Jane Bruce  18 Nov 1824Tennessee, USA I7036
140 HUNTER, Ripley Hayes  20 Dec 1858Tennessee, USA I9913
141 INMAN, Helen E  Nov 1881Tennessee, USA I7007
142 INMAN, Mary  Dec 1886Tennessee, USA I7008
143 IRWIN, James  Tennessee, USA I8061
144 ISBELL  Tennessee, USA I1852
145 JOHNSON, Mary Jane  23 Sep 1850Tennessee, USA I4349
146 KELTON, Helena  29 Jan 1872Tennessee, USA I3440
147 KYLE, Absalom S  Abt 1816Tennessee, USA I9661
148 LACY, Thomas J  Abt 1838Tennessee, USA I8820
149 LANGHORNE, James Beverly  8 Mar 1848Tennessee, USA I10999
150 LANGHORNE, Margret Ann  5 Dec 1846Tennessee, USA I12448
151 LANGHORNE, Susan J  8 Nov 1850Tennessee, USA I12449
152 LEWIS, Elizabeth Ann  5 Sep 1818Tennessee, USA I11312
153 LOGAN, Sydney Strother  11 Jul 1889Tennessee, USA I10097
154 LONG, Branch  Abt 1846Tennessee, USA I15361
155 LONG, George Maxwell  10 Feb 1818Tennessee, USA I15358
156 LONG, Margaret  Abt 1849Tennessee, USA I15362
157 LONG, William  Abt 1843Tennessee, USA I15360
158 LONGLEY, Francis Marion  4 Apr 1839Tennessee, USA I10294
159 LOVE, Henry Luther  1847Tennessee, USA I11527
160 LOVE, Susan Elizabeth  26 Oct 1868Tennessee, USA I11523
161 LUCAS, Richmond Jones  Tennessee, USA I7409
162 MANKIN, Lydia  Abt 1861Tennessee, USA I5570
163 MANLEY, Ruby V  Abt 1890Tennessee, USA I11661
164 MAUK, Jefferson Davis  12 Aug 1861Tennessee, USA I4619
165 MCBRIDE, James C  13 Nov 1829Tennessee, USA I11656
166 MCBRIDE, Samuel B  1 Jun 1840Tennessee, USA I7322
167 MCCORKLE, Gentry Purviance  31 May 1870Tennessee, USA I12529
168 MCCORKLE, Homer T  27 Nov 1879Tennessee, USA I12534
169 MCFARLAND, John  1 Oct 1806Tennessee, USA I1710
170 MCFARLAND, William F  20 Jan 1842Tennessee, USA I1717
171 MCLEAN, Ella Pauline  10 Sep 1857Tennessee, USA I9577
172 MERCER, Elizabeth  30 Jan 1857Tennessee, USA I11750
173 MILLER, G F  Tennessee, USA I7873
174 MILLER, Lula N  16 Nov 1874Tennessee, USA I7872
175 MOODY, Carrie M  Oct 1891Tennessee, USA I7012
176 MOODY, D S  Tennessee, USA I7009
177 MOORE, Venna Olyra  Abt 1893Tennessee, USA I9954
178 MURPHREE, John Williamson  Abt 1913Tennessee, USA I14030
179 NEWTON, Julia  Tennessee, USA I11495
180 NOLEN, Celia Ann  22 Feb 1826Tennessee, USA I5629
181 NOLEN, Martha  20 Apr 1818Tennessee, USA I5687
182 NOLES, Mary A  1850Tennessee, USA I11528
183 OLIVER, James Stephen  22 Oct 1854Tennessee, USA I11910
184 PASCHAL, Amanda Brooks  26 Feb 1879Tennessee, USA I15282
185 PERKINS, Simeon  1833Tennessee, USA I7059
186 PERRY, Oda Delena  11 Apr 1871Tennessee, USA I6997
187 POINDEXTER, M A  Abt 1837Tennessee, USA I4995
188 POWELL, Andrew Jackson Sr  4 Sep 1856Tennessee, USA I9576
189 RAINBOLT, Walter S  7 Oct 1838Tennessee, USA I6571
190 RAY, Margaret  Abt 1838Tennessee, USA I6608
191 REA, Robert A  Abt 1880Tennessee, USA I6567
192 RECORD, James Knox Polk  29 Oct 1834Tennessee, USA I5396
193 REED, Samuel Stephen  12 Mar 1831Tennessee, USA I4009
194 RHODES, Thomas Edward  Feb 1857Tennessee, USA I3927
195 RITTENBERRY, Queen Victoria  7 Aug 1871Tennessee, USA I11953
196 ROSS, William McDonald  11 Nov 1814Tennessee, USA I1509
197 SIMMONS, Joe Earl  20 Jun 1928Tennessee, USA I12584
198 SIMONTON, Jessie Edwin  12 Feb 1892Tennessee, USA I6911
199 SMITH, Henry Madison  Abt 1817Tennessee, USA I6162
200 SMOTHERMAN, Minos N  1871Tennessee, USA I11712
201 SMOTHERMAN, Robert M  26 Jan 1846Tennessee, USA I11710
202 SPEAR, J H  Tennessee, USA I5332
203 STALLING, Rhodolphus  1 Sep 1850Tennessee, USA I11008
204 STALLING, Wright  Tennessee, USA I11697
205 STRADER, Ralph Cozart  1 Oct 1905Tennessee, USA I14133
206 TARTT, James T  20 Feb 1860Tennessee, USA I9997
207 TATE, William Van  6 Jul 1877Tennessee, USA I15024
208 TATUM, Georgia Clayton  1890Tennessee, USA I12578
209 TEMPLETON, Ellen Josephine  12 Dec 1823Tennessee, USA I6590
210 THOMAS, Eliza J  Abt 1834Tennessee, USA I9831
211 THOMAS, Robert  Abt 1836Tennessee, USA I9832
212 THOMAS, Warren T  Abt 1832Tennessee, USA I9830
213 TIMMONS, Thomas G  Abt 1815Tennessee, USA I6155
214 TINKLE, William Stanley  22 Apr 1820Tennessee, USA I2958
215 TUCKER, Rebecca  1839Tennessee, USA I15359
216 WADLEY, Thomas Burrow  5 Dec 1851Tennessee, USA I1190
217 WALKER, Mary  17 Mar 1818Tennessee, USA I11714
218 WATT, William  24 Apr 1834Tennessee, USA I4714
219 WHITE, Thomas Eliga  27 Mar 1861Tennessee, USA I11418
220 WHITSON, S B  Tennessee, USA I5199
221 WIGGINS, John  Tennessee, USA I10997
222 WIGGS, Dorothy  10 Feb 1918Tennessee, USA I11720
223 WIGGS, Margaret  May 4 1911Tennessee, USA I11718
224 WIGGS, Marian  Abt 1914Tennessee, USA I11719
225 WIGGS, Walter O  1882Tennessee, USA I11717
226 WILKES, Amanda  Tennessee, USA I7874
227 WILSON, Mary Elizabeth  20 Jun 1841Tennessee, USA I4416
228 WOODVINE, Virginia  Tennessee, USA I5562
229 WRIGHT, Edward Berdelle  1 Nov 1883Tennessee, USA I9845


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, Joel William  29 Oct 2009Tennessee, USA I14476
2 LACY, Stephen  23 Dec 1851Tennessee, USA I7903


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RAY / TEMPLETON  Abt 1841Tennessee, USA F2355