Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Kentucky, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 37.8393332, Longitude: -84.2700179


Matches 1 to 297 of 297

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1897Kentucky, USA I9657
2 Ellen  Nov 1871Kentucky, USA I2311
3 Emma  Abt 1889Kentucky, USA I2339
4 Lennie Frances  Jan 1854Kentucky, USA I13220
5 Lilley A  Abt 1885Kentucky, USA I7187
6 Louise  Abt 1826Kentucky, USA I2945
7 Marie  Abt 1901Kentucky, USA I14444
8 Mary  Dec 1863Kentucky, USA I8588
9 Nannie B  Abt 1862Kentucky, USA I12096
10 S D  Abt 1826Kentucky, USA I1739
11 Viola  14 Sep 1914Kentucky, USA I2567
12 ALCORN, Louisa Jane  Abt 1832Kentucky, USA I2417
13 ALEXANDER, Jane Shore  2 Aug 1826Kentucky, USA I2827
14 ALEXANDER, William  Abt 1787Kentucky, USA I2937
15 ANGEL, Miranda  Dec 1882Kentucky, USA I2397
16 ASHCRAFT, Alden / Golden  Abt 1915Kentucky, USA I9353
17 ASHCRAFT, Alva E  Abt 1913Kentucky, USA I9352
18 ASHCRAFT, Harriet  9 Nov 1868Kentucky, USA I2378
19 ASHCRAFT, Johnetta  Abt 1919Kentucky, USA I9355
20 ASHCRAFT, Virginia  Abt 1916Kentucky, USA I9354
21 BAILEY, Jane  23 Jun 1810Kentucky, USA I7922
22 BALLARD, Franklin Marion  1 Jul 1825Kentucky, USA I12555
23 BALLARD, Mattie B  2 Oct 1877Kentucky, USA I9652
24 BARKER, Elizabeth  1800Kentucky, USA I9318
25 BERRYMAN, Mary Belle  Feb 1862Kentucky, USA I1034
26 BOWLING, George  Kentucky, USA I5223
27 BOWLING, Martha Jane  23 May 1873Kentucky, USA I5218
28 BRIGGS, Thomas F  1 Jun 1861Kentucky, USA I10599
29 CAMPBELL, Arch  8 Jun 1879Kentucky, USA I2516
30 CAMPBELL, Bertha  Abt 1909Kentucky, USA I9654
31 CAMPBELL, Bettie  Dec 1899Kentucky, USA I9653
32 CAMPBELL, Forest / Forrest  May 1896Kentucky, USA I2506
33 CAMPBELL, Frankie  Abt 1916Kentucky, USA I9659
34 CAMPBELL, Gracie  Abt 1917Kentucky, USA I9658
35 CAMPBELL, Green  14 Mar 1873Kentucky, USA I2498
36 CAMPBELL, Harlan  6 Mar 1911Kentucky, USA I2511
37 CAMPBELL, Ida M  Abt 1906Kentucky, USA I9655
38 CAMPBELL, Ison G  Abt 1908Kentucky, USA I9656
39 CAMPBELL, James Taylor  Jan 1900Kentucky, USA I2507
40 CAMPBELL, Joe  Abt 1868Kentucky, USA I2514
41 CAMPBELL, Lou  Abt 1870Kentucky, USA I2515
42 CAMPBELL, Maud  Abt 1919Kentucky, USA I9660
43 CAMPBELL, Rosa B  Abt 1903Kentucky, USA I2510
44 CAMPBELL, Sara A  Abt 1901Kentucky, USA I2509
45 CAMPBELL, Vernon  Abt 1898Kentucky, USA I2508
46 CAMPBELL, William J  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I2512
47 COLEMAN, Catherine Jameson  1845Kentucky, USA I5385
48 COLEMAN, Georgeann  1839Kentucky, USA I5384
49 COLEMAN, Helen A  1837Kentucky, USA I5383
50 COLEMAN, Robert Caroline  10 Sep 1850Kentucky, USA I5386
51 COOK, Allen Bedford  24 Sep 1884Kentucky, USA I4439
52 COOK, DeWitt C  Abt 1828Kentucky, USA I1877
53 COOK, Elizabeth Brummer  13 Mar 1860Kentucky, USA I1872
54 COOK, Millard Marshall  31 Dec 1887Kentucky, USA I6841
55 COPENHAVER, Samuel  Kentucky, USA I11500
56 COSNER, Dorothy Jeanette  24 May 1921Kentucky, USA I10916
57 CROUCH, David  May 1898Kentucky, USA I2318
58 CROUCH, Effie  Oct 1892Kentucky, USA I2316
59 CROUCH, Francis Marian  May 1868Kentucky, USA I2310
60 CROUCH, Garnie  Abt 1909Kentucky, USA I2314
61 CROUCH, Jamsie  Abt 1907Kentucky, USA I2313
62 CROUCH, Lizzie  Abt 1902Kentucky, USA I2312
63 CROUCH, Milly F  Mar 1844Kentucky, USA I2464
64 CROUCH, Nettie  Mar 1894Kentucky, USA I2317
65 CROUCH, Sarah Ann  17 Apr 1910Kentucky, USA I595
66 DE WAAL, Sallie  Kentucky, USA I4373
67 DOWNING, James Leonidus  25 Jul 1861Kentucky, USA I3554
68 DURBIN, Nancy  Abt 1840Kentucky, USA I2455
69 FARR, Charles Wilson  19 Feb 1886Kentucky, USA I11267
70 FLANAGAN, Webster  Kentucky, USA I10705
71 GIVENS, Newton Curd  1823Kentucky, USA I5373
72 HAMILTON, Fannie B  14 Aug 1904Kentucky, USA I7188
73 HAMILTON, Hood  Abt 1875Kentucky, USA I7186
74 HAMILTON, John W  1 Dec 1908Kentucky, USA I2505
75 HAMILTON, Leonard Hugh  6 Apr 1918Kentucky, USA I7191
76 HAMILTON, Marcum  Abt 1911Kentucky, USA I7190
77 HAMILTON, Sarah E  Abt 1829Kentucky, USA I5548
78 HAMILTON, Virgil C  8 Sep 1906Kentucky, USA I7189
79 HARRIS, W W  Kentucky, USA I10894
80 HARRISON, Earnest  Aug 1899Kentucky, USA I2326
81 HARRISON, Everett  Apr 1897Kentucky, USA I2324
82 HARRISON, Henry  2 May 1902Kentucky, USA I2330
83 HARRISON, John T  Jan 1865Kentucky, USA I2077
84 HARRISON, Lelia  2 Jul 1905Kentucky, USA I2331
85 HARRISON, Mary  Abt Nov 1916Kentucky, USA I2340
86 HARRISON, May  Abt 1918Kentucky, USA I2341
87 HARRISON, Troy  Abt 1907Kentucky, USA I2332
88 HARRISON, Vannie  Sep 1890Kentucky, USA I2323
89 HARRISON, Vernon  Jan 1889Kentucky, USA I2322
90 HARRISON, William  Nov 1894Kentucky, USA I2325
91 HENRY, Albert  Abt 1917Kentucky, USA I7204
92 HENRY, Bessie  Aft 1920Kentucky, USA I7199
93 HENRY, Beulah  Aft 1920Kentucky, USA I7202
94 HENRY, Daughter  Aft 1920Kentucky, USA I7198
95 HENRY, Ezekiel  Abt 1889Kentucky, USA I7194
96 HENRY, Floyd  26 May 1909Kentucky, USA I2315
97 HENRY, Hazel  Aft 1920Kentucky, USA I7201
98 HENRY, John  22 Apr 1915Kentucky, USA I2502
99 HENRY, Lilie May  Abt 1911Kentucky, USA I7196
100 HENRY, Luanne  Abt 1913Kentucky, USA I7197
101 HENRY, Luther  Aft 1920Kentucky, USA I7205
102 HENRY, Mary  Abt 1892Kentucky, USA I7195
103 HENRY, Mary E  Abt 1919Kentucky, USA I7200
104 HENRY, Mary Eliza  19 Mar 1902Kentucky, USA I9142
105 HENRY, Sarah E  16 Sep 1859Kentucky, USA I2518
106 HORN, Arena D  Abt 1867Kentucky, USA I2457
107 HORN, Charles T  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I2467
108 HORN, Chesney  Sep 1883Kentucky, USA I2390
109 HORN, Cornelius  Abt 1910Kentucky, USA I14870
110 HORN, Dillard M  14 Jan 1896Kentucky, USA I2394
111 HORN, Elbridge  10 Feb 1882Kentucky, USA I2425
112 HORN, Elijah  Sep 1869Kentucky, USA I2382
113 HORN, Elijah  Abt 1901Kentucky, USA I9349
114 HORN, Elizabeth J  Abt 1863Kentucky, USA I2384
115 HORN, Emaline  1833Kentucky, USA I2406
116 HORN, George M  Dec 1889Kentucky, USA I2392
117 HORN, George W  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I2460
118 HORN, Herbert  9 Jul 1907Kentucky, USA I14869
119 HORN, Hiram Straud  18 Jan 1879Kentucky, USA I2389
120 HORN, James M  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I2386
121 HORN, John Jackson  1 May 1858Kentucky, USA I2383
122 HORN, John M  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I2461
123 HORN, John W  1838Kentucky, USA I2408
124 HORN, John W  Abt 1866Kentucky, USA I2465
125 HORN, Lucy Ann  Mar 1898Kentucky, USA I2395
126 HORN, Malinda  1836Kentucky, USA I2407
127 HORN, Malinda F  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I2470
128 HORN, Mary E  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I2459
129 HORN, Mary E  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I2471
130 HORN, Mary F  Abt 1877Kentucky, USA I2388
131 HORN, Millie Frances  Jun 1891Kentucky, USA I2393
132 HORN, Nancy Ann  Abt 1849Kentucky, USA I2418
133 HORN, Nancy E  Abt 1867Kentucky, USA I2466
134 HORN, Nancy Elizabeth  Feb 1891Kentucky, USa I2380
135 HORN, Olive F  Jul 1887Kentucky, USA I2379
136 HORN, Pearl  Abt 1922Kentucky, USA I14872
137 HORN, Rebecca A  Abt 1871Kentucky, USA I2468
138 HORN, Sarah B  Abt 1863Kentucky, USA I2456
139 HORN, Sidney G  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I2462
140 HORN, Sophia A  Abt 1866Kentucky, USA I2385
141 HORN, Stella Mae  10 Jan 1903Kentucky, USA I14867
142 HORN, Susan  1841Kentucky, USA I2409
143 HORN, Thomas  Abt 1906Kentucky, USA I14868
144 HORN, Troy  17 Jan 1898Kentucky, USA I9141
145 HORN, Wilburn  15 Dec 1881Kentucky, USA I2396
146 HORN, William  Mar 1845Kentucky, USA I2410
147 HORN, William E  Abt Oct 1869Kentucky, USA I2458
148 HORN, William E  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I2469
149 HORN, William Harlan  13 Nov 1897Kentucky, USA I594
150 JACOBS, Anna  Kentucky, USA I10591
151 JOHNSON, Bessie  Abt 1912Kentucky, USA I7203
152 JOHNSON, Lizzie  Feb 1868Kentucky, USA I5323
153 JOHNSON, Lucus  Abt 1915Kentucky, USA I7208
154 JOHNSON, Maggie  Abt 1909Kentucky, USA I10165
155 JOHNSON, Nannie  Abt 1916Kentucky, USA I7209
156 JOHNSON, Park  Abt 1908Kentucky, USA I7207
157 KEMPER, Henry Clay  Kentucky, USA I9503
158 LEWIS, Sebastian C  Abt 1821Kentucky, USA I5547
159 LEWIS, Vitula  7 Aug 1848Kentucky, USA I5498
160 LOGAN, Adalissa  Abt 1847Kentucky, USA I3078
161 LOGAN, Jane Elizabeth  28 Aug 1858Kentucky, USA I2828
162 LOGAN, Jane Shore  Abt 1896Kentucky, USA I2938
163 LOGAN, Joseph Alexander  Abt 1855Kentucky, USA I933
164 LOGAN, Mary Elizabeth  Aug 1890Kentucky, USA I8010
165 LOGAN, Robert Reynolds  20 Jul 1814Kentucky, USA I431
166 LOGAN, Rosina L  Feb 1888Kentucky, USA I8009
167 MCCARTY, John H  10 May 1867Kentucky, USA I13151
168 MCCLARTY, Hugh G  Kentucky, USA I4813
169 MCDOWELL, Mary J  Feb 1875Kentucky, USA I1018
170 MCINTOSH, Charles B  Jun 1883Kentucky, USA I2083
171 MCINTOSH, Edward S G  Aug 1885Kentucky, USA I14521
172 MCINTOSH, Laura Bell  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I2080
173 MCINTOSH, Lula E  Mar 1892Kentucky, USA I2081
174 MCMAKIN, Olivia L  Kentucky, USA I1836
175 MILLER, William Harvey  1835Kentucky, USA I5497
176 MOFFETT, J H  Kentucky, USA I10590
177 MOODY, David Shelton  10 Mar 1898Kentucky, USA I7014
178 MOORE, Catherine  Abt 1818Kentucky, USA I1853
179 MOORE, Dillard C  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I2453
180 MOORE, John A  Abt 1866Kentucky, USA I2450
181 MOORE, Malinda E  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I2451
182 MOORE, May E  Abt 1855Kentucky, USA I2447
183 MOORE, Sarah J  Abt 1860Kentucky, USA I2448
184 MOORE, Simpson M  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I2452
185 MOORE, William  Abt 1864Kentucky, USA I2449
186 MORRIS, Margarette  Kentucky, USA I5224
187 NEAL, Polly V  23 Jul 1911Kentucky, USA I2504
188 NEAL, Samuel J  Mar 1844Kentucky, USA I13219
189 NEAL, Sarah Ann  Abt 1841Kentucky, USA I2513
190 NELSON  Kentucky, USA I12095
191 NELSON, Helen O  Abt 1884Kentucky, USA I12092
192 PATTERSON, James Garfield  Kentucky, USA I4722
193 PHILLIPS, Mary E  Abt 1871Kentucky, USA I11497
194 POWELL, Annie  11 Jun 1896Kentucky, USA I2288
195 POWELL, Francis  Abt 1859Kentucky, USA I2087
196 POWELL, Norah  12 Dec 1894Kentucky, USA I2291
197 PUCKETT, Allen  Aug 1860Kentucky, USA I2085
198 PUCKETT, Della Mae  21 Jul 1933Kentucky, USA I2365
199 PUCKETT, Ida Belle  28 May 1889Kentucky, USA I14689
200 PULLEN, Alice  Abt 1860Kentucky, USA I2949
201 PULLEN, Elenora Laura  Nov 1853Kentucky, USA I937
202 PULLEN, James  Abt 1827Kentucky, USA I2944
203 PULLEN, Pauline  Abt 1865Kentucky, USA I2951
204 PULLEN, Preston  Jul 1855Kentucky, USA I2948
205 PULLEN, William E  Mar 1848Kentucky, USA I2946
206 RAWLINS, Andrew J  9 Apr 1857Kentucky, USA I2517
207 RAWLINS, Beca Jane  Jun 1885Kentucky, USA I10163
208 RAWLINS, James  Dec 1880Kentucky, USA I10161
209 RAWLINS, Laura  29 Dec 1874Kentucky, USA I2499
210 RAWLINS, Marvely  18 May 1877Kentucky, USA I2519
211 RAWLINS, Nannie  May 1882Kentucky, USA I10162
212 REDMAN, Mary Ann  Kentucky, USA I10895
213 ROBERTS, Mary Jane  Kentucky, USA I11501
214 ROSSINGTON, Sophia Blackwell  19 Jun 1866Kentucky, USA I573
215 ROSSINGTON, Walter  Abt 1860Kentucky, USA I1740
216 RUCKER, Elbridge  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I13218
217 RUCKER, Elizabeth  Abt 1905Kentucky, USA I9336
218 RUCKER, Everett  Abt 1916Kentucky, USA I13227
219 RUCKER, Fannie E  Abt 1910Kentucky, USA I9335
220 RUCKER, James  Abt 1909Kentucky, USA I13225
221 RUCKER, Mamie  Abt 1908Kentucky, USA I9337
222 RUCKER, Robert  Abt 1904Kentucky, USA I13226
223 RUCKER, Vinia  Abt 1914Kentucky, USA I9338
224 RUNNELLS, Eva  Kentucky, USA I9667
225 SALYER, Luanna  9 Jul 1860Kentucky, USA I9526
226 SMITH, Della Mae  24 Jul 1903Kentucky, USA I14690
227 SPARKS, Daniel  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I2479
228 SPARKS, John W  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I2478
229 SPARKS, Mary  Abt 1867Kentucky, USA I2477
230 SPARKS, Nancy J  Abt 1877Kentucky, USA I2480
231 SPARKS, Solomon  Abt 1845Kentucky, USA I2475
232 SPARKS, Susan E  Abt 1865Kentucky, USA I2476
233 STAMPS, Jane  1 Jul 1795Kentucky, USA I3079
234 TOWNSLEY, Martha Lou  24 Nov 1856Kentucky, USA I2528
235 WALDON, Harriett Ann  Between 1887-1889Kentucky, USA I2298
236 WALLING, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I1024
237 WEST, Martha  Abt 1896Kentucky, USA I9297
238 WEST, Nettie  May 1879Kentucky, USA I1030
239 WHITE, Lillian Pauline  27 Aug 1926Kentucky, USA I2662
240 WILLIAMS, Julia Ann  26 Feb 1858Kentucky, USA I2387
241 WILLIS, Richard B  Abt 1915Kentucky, USA I8052
242 WISEMAN, Abner Jr.  Nov 1833Kentucky, USA I1023
243 WISEMAN, Amos  Between 1902-1905Kentucky, USA I1017
244 WISEMAN, Ara  Abt Apr 1917Kentucky, USA I2289
245 WISEMAN, Arfie  Abt Feb 1919Kentucky, USA I2290
246 WISEMAN, Auttie / Antie Mae  9 Nov 1914Kentucky, USA I2088
247 WISEMAN, Benjamin  Apr 1891Kentucky, USA I1019
248 WISEMAN, Bertha  Abt 1914Kentucky, USA I2351
249 WISEMAN, Bessie  Abt Apr 1918Kentucky, USA I2352
250 WISEMAN, Bettie  Sep 1893Kentucky, USA I1020
251 WISEMAN, Callie  5 Jan 1899Kentucky, USA I1022
252 WISEMAN, Cebert  Abt Oct 1939Kentucky, USA I15494
253 WISEMAN, Charlie  7 Feb 1895Kentucky, USA I1040
254 WISEMAN, Claude  23 Mar 1917Kentucky, USA I2304
255 WISEMAN, Cora  9 Apr 1917Kentucky, USA I1016
256 WISEMAN, Della M  30 Jul 1914Kentucky, USA I2292
257 WISEMAN, Dillard  Apr 1863Kentucky, USA I1025
258 WISEMAN, Dillard  27 Oct 1889Kentucky, USA I2072
259 WISEMAN, Docia / Doshia  Abt 1858Kentucky, USA I1043
260 WISEMAN, Doshie  Abt 1902Kentucky, USA I2346
261 WISEMAN, Edward  8 Feb 1907Kentucky, USA I2299
262 WISEMAN, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1915Kentucky, USA I1015
263 WISEMAN, Frankie  Abt 1903Kentucky, USA I2347
264 WISEMAN, Grover  20 Jan 1909Kentucky, USA I1014
265 WISEMAN, Hal  Jan 1886Kentucky, USA I1036
266 WISEMAN, Hattie  18 Apr 1888Kentucky, USA I1037
267 WISEMAN, Henry Bascom  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I1042
268 WISEMAN, Hubert  2 Aug 1923Kentucky, USA I2075
269 WISEMAN, Ida  16 Jun 1909Kentucky, USA I2301
270 WISEMAN, Jacob  24 Jul 1908Kentucky, USA I2300
271 WISEMAN, John  20 Nov 1871Kentucky, USA I1010
272 WISEMAN, Julia  Mar 1897Kentucky, USA I1032
273 WISEMAN, Laura  Jun 1889Kentucky, USA I1038
274 WISEMAN, Lewis  Abt 1907Kentucky, USA I1013
275 WISEMAN, Lulie  Abt Feb 1910Kentucky, USA I2350
276 WISEMAN, Martha  23 Apr 1868Kentucky, USA I1027
277 WISEMAN, Martha J  5 Jan 1896Kentucky, USA I1021
278 WISEMAN, Mary  Abt 1864Kentucky, USA I1026
279 WISEMAN, Mary  6 Jan 1920Kentucky, USA I2295
280 WISEMAN, Millard  Apr 1896Kentucky, USA I1031
281 WISEMAN, Millie  Abt 1907Kentucky, USA I2349
282 WISEMAN, Milly  Abt 1862Kentucky, USA I1044
283 WISEMAN, Minnie  Jun 1883Kentucky, USA I1035
284 WISEMAN, Myrtle  Abt 1905Kentucky, USA I2348
285 WISEMAN, Nannie  Oct 1897Kentucky, USA I1041
286 WISEMAN, Richard  Abt 1917Kentucky, USA I9300
287 WISEMAN, Robert  15 Jul 1892Kentucky, USA I1039
288 WISEMAN, Roberta Ann  Apr 1870Kentucky, USA I1028
289 WISEMAN, Roscoe  Apr 1898Kentucky, USA I1033
290 WISEMAN, Thelma  11 Nov 1917Kentucky, USA I2294
291 WISEMAN, Vester  10 Jan 1916Kentucky, USA I2293
292 WISEMAN, William  Jun 1874Kentucky, USA I1029
293 WISEMAN, Winfred Burton  31 Oct 1937Kentucky, USA I15492
294 WITT, Sherman  Abt 1917Kentucky, USA I9840
295 WOOLHAN, Mary  Kentucky, USA I1559
296 WOOSLEY, Cynthia C  Abt 1854Kentucky, USA I2079
297 WRIGHT, Harvey H  Kentucky, USA I10912


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Aft 1800Kentucky, USA I2416
2 HORN, John Christopher  Kentucky, USA I2400
3 WISEMAN, Amos  Bef 5 May 1910Kentucky, USA I1017
4 WISEMAN, Clyde  9 May 1996Kentucky, USA I2074