Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Harris Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 29.7751825, Longitude: -95.3102505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNETT, Edward William Jr  10 May 1961Harris Co, Texas, USA I4623
2 BARRETT, James Lee  12 May 1929Harris Co, Texas, USA I6726
3 BROGNIEZ, Frantz King  14 Jun 1935Harris Co, Texas, USA I4589
4 BROGNIEZ, Martha Ann  22 Feb 1938Harris Co, Texas, USA I4590
5 DAVIDSON, Adelia Starr  27 Dec 1941Harris Co, Texas, USA I4650
6 FAULKNER, James Eugene Jr  13 Apr 1946Harris Co, Texas, USA I14160
7 GRASSMAN, Joseph Meyer  7 Aug 1914Harris Co, Texas, USA I15352
8 HALE, Clifton Lamar Jr  23 Aug 1949Harris Co, Texas, USA I6906
9 KRUPPA, Rodney Edgar  21 Feb 1939Harris Co, Texas, USA I6845
10 MUCKELROY, Jean Elizabeth  16 Mar 1933Harris Co, Texas, USA I4394
11 WEBB, Sally Ruth  1 Jan 1938Harris Co, Texas, USA I1966


Matches 1 to 116 of 116

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ima Katherine  26 Sep 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I10529
2 Kate Lois  1 Aug 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I9026
3 Lonnie Mae  5 Sep 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I15058
4 AINSWORTH, Nicholas Richardson Jr  28 Feb 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I3504
5 ASH, Thomas Gibson  31 Jul 1984Harris Co, Texas, USA I7591
6 BARRETT, Charles  19 Mar 1986Harris Co, Texas, USA I3599
7 BARRETT, Debra Kay  25 Jul 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I14481
8 BARRETT, Grover  28 May 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I4052
9 BARRETT, Larry Gene  18 Feb 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I14491
10 BARRETT, Margaret Ann  2 Nov 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I6729
11 BARRETT, Odis  21 Mar 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I4062
12 BARRETT, Odis Conrad  21 Sep 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I6646
13 BARRETT, Porter Lemul  25 Apr 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I14474
14 BELL, Joseph Robert  6 Mar 1990Harris Co, Texas, USA I9989
15 BLOCK, Farris Frederick  12 Mar 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I7782
16 BOETTCHER, Maxine  18 Apr 1994Harris Co, Texas, USA I11194
17 BOLES, Glenna Catherine  3 Apr 1987Harris Co, Texas, USA I15123
18 BOYNTON, Bernice  12 May 1987Harris Co, Texas, USA I11580
19 BROWN, George Garrison  3 Dec 2000Harris Co, Texas, USA I3755
20 BROWN, John Benjamin  17 Nov 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I3754
21 BYERLY, Hamilton Radford  1 Dec 1990Harris Co, Texas, USA I13278
22 CARTER, Anna June  26 Feb 1998Harris Co, Texas, USA I6384
23 CASON, Emily Mary  10 Feb 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I6559
24 CHANNEL, Janet Evelyn  19 Sep 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I4443
25 CHIPPENDALE, Wilfred  28 Aug 1987Harris Co, Texas, USA I5799
26 COOK, Georgia Lynette  20 Jul 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I4444
27 COOK, Millard Marshall  27 Feb 1978Harris Co, Texas, USA I6841
28 CRUMP, William Lucas  26 Jul 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I11231
29 DAVIDSON, William Horton Jr  18 Aug 1980Harris Co, Texas, USA I4648
30 ESTES, Ida Beryl  1 Sep 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I1879
31 FISHER, Bernard Meredith  13 May 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I3934
32 FREDERICK, Jefferson Cleo  13 Apr 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I15050
33 GARRISON, Charles Kenneth  6 Jul 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I855
34 GARRISON, David Lacey  18 Nov 1978Harris Co, Texas, USA I4506
35 GARRISON, Dora Carolyn  3 Sep 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I3004
36 GARRISON, George H  21 Dec 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I3749
37 GARRISON, James Frank  21 Jun 1954Harris Co, Texas, USA I4485
38 GARRISON, Kathryn Elizabeth  31 Oct 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I7980
39 GARRISON, Mabel Janice  24 Dec 1998Harris Co, Texas, USA I4823
40 GARRISON, Martha Caroline  26 Mar 1914Harris Co, Texas, USA I2972
41 GREENWOOD, Ace Aaron  23 Mar 1982Harris Co, Texas, USA I6748
42 GREGORY, Laffie Riley  4 Sep 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I5772
43 GUNTER, Roy Dale  15 Mar 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I7830
44 HALE, Clifton Lamar Jr  24 Feb 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I6906
45 HARKRIDER, William Max  9 Apr 1988Harris Co, Texas, USA I4508
46 HARRIS, Clarence Pinkney Jr  14 Jan 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I6228
47 HARRIS, Stuart Campbell  9 Dec 1990Harris Co, Texas, USA I6234
48 HARTMAN, David Lloyd  19 Nov 1998Harris Co, Texas, USA I1770
49 HAYDEN, Val Rita  4 Aug 1978Harris Co, Texas, USA I4738
50 HIGH, Gennelle Janette  24 Nov 1982Harris Co, Texas, USA I5800
51 HOLLOWELL, Sarah Augusta  31 Jan 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I2926
52 HOWARD, Verna Dora  20 Jul 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I3540
53 HRIVNATZ, Harry Gus  22 May 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I4674
54 HUMPHREYS, Lerma Helen  30 May 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I13420
55 HUNTER, Bonnie Bernice  15 Sep 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I2988
56 JENNINGS, Helen Elizabeth  26 May 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I5124
57 JONES, Berneice  27 Apr 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I11407
58 JONES, Maude Emily  28 Nov 1994Harris Co, Texas, USA I3010
59 KING, Victoria Carter  2 Mar 1987Harris Co, Texas, USA I4636
60 KRUPPA, John Henry Edgar  20 Dec 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I6844
61 LACEY, Pauline Powell  2 Apr 1984Harris Co, Texas, USA I4459
62 LECLERE, George Ann  17 Mar 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I7429
63 LECLERE, Thomas Webb  5 Apr 1988Harris Co, Texas, USA I7430
64 LEGGETT, R B Jr  29 Aug 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I3080
65 LINDLEY, James Franklin Jr  28 Apr 1987Harris Co, Texas, USA I9050
66 LLOYD, John Robert  31 Jan 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I1788
67 LOGAN, John Robert Jr  21 Dec 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I1779
68 LOGAN, Philip Sidney  22 Aug 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I2015
69 LONG, Nettie Lou  18 Sep 1982Harris Co, Texas, USA I14055
70 LUNSFORD, Billy Rex Sr  15 Oct 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I11077
71 LUNSFORD, L P  8 Feb 1982Harris Co, Texas, USA I7616
72 MAYFIELD, Alice Bertha  21 Sep 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I6881
73 MCBRIDE, Lawrence Cameron III  9 Sep 1999Harris Co, Texas, USA I7335
74 MCNAIR, Annie Marguerite  27 Feb 2001Harris Co, Texas, USA I7756
75 MCNAIR, Barbara Jean  17 Nov 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I3889
76 MCNAIR, Corinne Celestial  14 Mar 1981Harris Co, Texas, USA I3884
77 MCNAIR, Maxie Bell  25 Jan 1996Harris Co, Texas, USA I3829
78 MCNEE, James Lemuel  2 Mar 1919Harris Co, Texas, USA I8853
79 MCPHAIL, Charles Wesley Jr  15 Nov 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I6342
80 MOODY, David Shelton  25 Dec 1979Harris Co, Texas, USA I7014
81 MOODY, Marion Lee  15 Apr 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I7015
82 MOODY, Marshall William  5 Jun 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I7021
83 MOON, Sara Graves  29 Nov 1999Harris Co, Texas, USA I9118
84 MUCKELROY, Jean Elizabeth  2 Nov 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I4394
85 NARANJO, Mary Stella Frances  5 Nov 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I5886
86 PARTIN, Audra Faye  20 Sep 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I7613
87 PAYSEUR, Muriel  13 Dec 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I12435
88 PETERSON, Mable  13 Mar 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I1786
89 PHILLIPS, Clayton L  23 Mar 1993Harris Co, Texas, USA I3025
90 PLING, Thyra Louise  1 Jan 1996Harris Co, Texas, USA I7019
91 POLLARD, Doyle Ray  26 Sep 1994Harris Co, Texas, USA I5788
92 PORTER, William Claude  7 Oct 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I5831
93 RAINBOLT, Frances Virginia  25 Jan 1996Harris Co, Texas, USA I6874
94 RAINBOLT, James Horace  4 Oct 1980Harris Co, Texas, USA I6871
95 RAINBOLT, James Howell  20 Oct 1990Harris Co, Texas, USA I6312
96 RAINBOLT, Rosalind  27 Feb 1995Harris Co, Texas, USA I6873
97 RAINBOLT, Thomas Marion Sr  20 Apr 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I6872
98 RAY, Mildred Hix  15 Jul 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I13481
99 RAY, Suella  24 Apr 1989Harris Co, Texas, USA I6586
100 ROOTS, William Donald  14 Aug 1997Harris Co, Texas, USA I11853
101 ROSS, Bessie Lee  17 Sep 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I7073
102 ROSS, Griff Terry Sr  1 Jul 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I1545
103 RUMORE, Josephine Elizabeth  22 Apr 1991Harris Co, Texas, USA I7779
104 RUNDELL, Estell Marie  21 Jun 1977Harris Co, Texas, USA I3381
105 SEALE, Everett Richardson  28 Nov 1999Harris Co, Texas, USA I5927
106 SHAW, Cyrus Hufsmith  28 Jul 1983Harris Co, Texas, USA I5125
107 Sieber, Vesta Mae  7 May 1994Harris Co, Texas, USA I5558
108 STREICH, Agatha Carolina  5 Nov 1999Harris Co, Texas, USA I14335
109 STRONG, Mabel Marian  28 Dec 1984Harris Co, Texas, USA I6836
110 THOMAS, Clarence A  8 Jan 1996Harris Co, Texas, USA I13056
111 WAGNER, Jane Frances  16 Apr 1998Harris Co, Texas, USA I6385
112 WHATLEY, Ina Indiana  28 Dec 1999Harris Co, Texas, USA I8996
113 WHITED, Carolyn Louise  20 Jul 1992Harris Co, Texas, USA I6064
114 WILLIAMS, Joe David  27 Jun 1990Harris Co, Texas, USA I13644
115 WILLIVER, Frederick Herbert Jr  22 Apr 1985Harris Co, Texas, USA I6893
116 YOUNG, James Noble Sr  15 Dec 1978Harris Co, Texas, USA I8864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 KING, Langston Garrison  1927 - 1964Harris Co, Texas, USA I4580


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENEKE / MCNEE  29 Jun 1910Harris Co, Texas, USA F4904
2 BROGNIEZ / KING  27 Jun 1923Harris Co, Texas, USA F1579
3 CUNYUS / KING  30 Dec 1923Harris Co, Texas, USA F1605
4 DICKEY / COZART  3 Jul 1984Harris Co, Texas, USA F5341
5 GARRETT / RUNNELS  26 Nov 1928Harris Co, Texas, USA F4203
6 HOLIDY / BARRETT  14 Jul 1977Harris Co, Texas, USA F5148
7 HOUSTON / GARRISON  16 Dec 1929Harris Co, Texas, USA F1351
8 LEE / GENUSA  19 Feb 1928Harris Co, Texas, USA F2270
9 LINDER / TISINGER  28 Dec 1913Harris Co, Texas, USA F4124
10 LLOYD / PETERSON  2 Nov 1928Harris Co, Texas, USA F548
11 MCCROREY / DANIEL  23 Jan 1902Harris Co, Texas, USA F2326
12 MCNEE / KOCH  25 May 1887Harris Co, Texas, USA F3157
13 MOODY / CHAMBERS  14 Jun 1923Harris Co, Texas, USA F2529
14 RAY / ARENDALE  16 Jul 1908Harris Co, Texas, USA F3967
15 RUNDELL / PECK  14 Jun 1916Harris Co, Texas, USA F1129
16 THOMSEN / ALMOND  6 Sep 1980Harris Co, Texas, USA F5199
17 WALTHALL / GARRISON  11 Nov 1909Harris Co, Texas, USA F996
18 WHITTINGTON / GARRISON  28 Feb 1923Harris Co, Texas, USA F1287


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 GREENWOOD / BARRETT  10 Jan 1972Harris Co, Texas, USA F2424