Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Dallas Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.8024682, Longitude: -96.8350999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Charles Knight  1 Jul 1914Dallas Co, Texas, USA I327
2 BARRETT, Catelyn Rose  28 Jul 1992Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14246
3 BRENNAN, Patrick Henry Jr  17 Jul 1932Dallas Co, Texas, USA I3476
4 COATS, Martha Bell  13 Oct 1894Dallas Co, Texas, USA I7528
5 CURTIS, Elizabeth DeRue  30 Oct 1936Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9729
6 ENAS, Carolyn Beall  31 Jul 1932Dallas Co, Texas, USA I318
7 GEORGE, Carrie  4 Nov 1871Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5311
8 GRIFFIN, Tommy Lee  12 Nov 1950Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14686
9 KING, Jerry Marvin  13 Oct 1942Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4678
10 LAMBERTH, James William  23 Apr 1951Dallas Co, Texas, USA I15646
11 MARTIN, Samuel Alfred  21 Feb 1947Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14682
12 MCBRIDE, Clifford Wilson  24 May 1911Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13123
13 MCCLENDON, Florence  1 Aug 1889Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4328
14 O'NEAL, James Robert  17 Jan 1924Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13060
15 REEDY, Jerry Wayne  21 Jul 1950Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9069


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ora Belle  23 Sep 1985Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13491
2 Sara Frances  18 Jun 1980Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13719
3 ALLAN, Donald Kent  28 May 1992Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12998
4 ALLAN, Francis Kent  4 Nov 1997Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12995
5 ARMSTRONG, Homer Jr  7 Feb 1997Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12615
6 BONDS, Wilson G  29 May 1992Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13723
7 BRANDENBURG, Robert Olin Jr  7 Mar 1994Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13214
8 BRIGHAM, Fred Davenport  26 Jan 1999Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14284
9 CHITWOOD, Nina  30 Dec 1999Dallas Co, Texas, USA I15641
10 CONNALLY, Grace  28 Jul 1982Dallas Co, Texas, USA I6129
11 COOK, James Edward  20 Sep 1978Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4440
12 CURTIS, Elizabeth DeRue  28 Sep 1991Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9729
13 DEE, Emma  28 Jul 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I3835
14 DITTO, Hazel Alice  5 Nov 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5044
15 DITTO, Ruth Faye  29 Jun 1993Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5041
16 EDENS, Mabel  12 Jan 1986Dallas Co, Texas, USA I10679
17 EDMONDSON, Franklin Earl  11 Jul 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I1264
18 EDWARDS, Martha Elizabeth  6 Oct 1980Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14132
19 FAUST, Mary Ellen  9 Aug 1987Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12587
20 FORBES, Grace  10 Jun 1985Dallas Co, Texas, USA I1265
21 FUSSELL, Elizabeth H  25 Feb 1950Dallas Co, Texas, USA I11250
22 GARRISON, Billie Rae  14 Jul 1983Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4775
23 GARRISON, Lucy Ellen  23 Feb 1991Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13325
24 GARRISON, Wincie Pearl  25 Aug 1983Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13321
25 GREENE, James Alexander  30 Apr 1980Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5970
26 GREENE, Will Ada  28 May 1994Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5980
27 GRIFFIN, Kary Allen  7 Feb 1989Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9065
28 GRIFFIN, Tommy Lee  13 Mar 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14686
29 HALL, Almon Decatur  6 Jun 1973Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8718
30 HARRISON, Lucille  28 Aug 1934Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8622
31 HARRISON, Thomas Lee  10 Aug 1994Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13732
32 HEADSTREAM, Willie Ralph  21 Oct 1994Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4777
33 HEATH, Ruby Lee  13 Nov 1986Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13062
34 HEDRICK, Paul Scott Jr  23 Jan 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13312
35 HINDS, Buddy Randall  30 Mar 1984Dallas Co, Texas, USA I10942
36 HINTON, Mavis  5 Oct 1985Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13118
37 HODGES, Vernon Leroy  29 Apr 1987Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9733
38 HOLBROOK, Odessa  31 Jul 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14060
39 HOOSER, Donald Bedney Sr  27 Sep 1997Dallas Co, Texas, USA I11220
40 HOSEA, Derrell Lee  28 Jun 1995Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8721
41 KING, Ruby Gordon  2 Feb 1984Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4634
42 KOHON, Yale Joseph  3 Oct 1979Dallas Co, Texas, USA I15624
43 LANDES, Gerald Lane  31 Aug 1991Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4606
44 LANGHORNE, Joseph Henry III  7 Mar 1984Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12614
45 LANGSTON, Charles Ross  13 Nov 1972Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5948
46 LEE, Amos Howard  5 Mar 1988Dallas Co, Texas, USA I7399
47 LOGAN, Mildred C  6 Mar 1987Dallas Co, Texas, USA I2052
48 LOTSPEICH, Van Blevins  29 Apr 1957Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14669
49 MATTY, Dorothy Dee  3 Feb 1991Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4604
50 MCCLENDON, Leta Mae  10 Jan 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I4331
51 MCNAIR, Robert Gilbert  21 Apr 1982Dallas Co, Texas, USA I3825
52 MENEFEE, Christine  9 Feb 1994Dallas Co, Texas, USA I10681
53 MONTGOMERY, Ben Joe  22 Nov 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8763
54 MONTGOMERY, Mary Helen  11 Jul 1991Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8713
55 MOREHEAD, Martha Jane  30 May 1999Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9948
56 MURRAY, Zada L  31 Dec 1938Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13488
57 NELSON, Edward Billie  28 Jun 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13688
58 NELSON, Esther Jean  19 Apr 1995Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13731
59 NEWSOM, Asa A Sr  29 Mar 1977Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5983
60 PATTERSON, Macon G  17 May 1941Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13318
61 PATTILLO, Alice E  27 Mar 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13682
62 PLAXCO, Essie Jewell  6 Nov 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13243
63 POGUE, Vivian Mae  20 Mar 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13714
64 POTTS, Mary Ann  8 May 1977Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12993
65 READER, Thelma  8 May 1935Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14695
66 REEDY, Velma Fay  29 Jul 1988Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9013
67 REID, William Glen  14 Sep 1979Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5683
68 ROBERTS, Thelma Eulalia  31 Jul 1997Dallas Co, Texas, USA I858
69 ROGERS, Janice  3 Apr 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13597
70 SAWYER, June Annell  14 Jan 1993Dallas Co, Texas, USA I3357
71 SCOTT, Russell Haskell  20 Jan 1980Dallas Co, Texas, USA I6743
72 SEGREST, Margaret Lenore  4 Aug 1996Dallas Co, Texas, USA I2922
73 SHOPTAW, Joseph Leland  25 Jan 2000Dallas Co, Texas, USA I7396
74 STRICKLAND, Thomas Benton  8 Jul 1981Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8121
75 STRONG, Allyne  28 May 1982Dallas Co, Texas, USA I12152
76 STRONG, Ruth  5 Jul 1983Dallas Co, Texas, USA I13311
77 TURNER, Gladys Flossal  12 Nov 1990Dallas Co, Texas, USA I3740
78 WATHEN, Thomas Neal Sr  30 Jan 1983Dallas Co, Texas, USA I14411
79 WEAVER, Mary Elizabeth  18 Jun 1986Dallas Co, Texas, USA I5568
80 WEBB, Aletha Lee  12 Oct 1999Dallas Co, Texas, USA I7391
81 WEBB, Garrison Pope  28 Jun 1978Dallas Co, Texas, USA I1955
82 WEBB, Garrison Prescott Jr  29 Dec 1993Dallas Co, Texas, USA I7393
83 WITTROCK, Stella Irene  5 Dec 1998Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9734
84 WYNNE, Alban Augusta  10 Aug 1989Dallas Co, Texas, USA I11959
85 WYNNE, Toddie Lee Sr  9 Sep 1982Dallas Co, Texas, USA I8833

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 LINDLEY, James Franklin Jr  24 Apr 1946Dallas Co, Texas, USA I9050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MARTIN, Clomer Lagene  1963Dallas Co, Texas, USA I836


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GARRISON / FIELDS  1955Dallas Co, Texas, USA F289
2 HABENICHT / GARRISON  14 Feb 1969Dallas Co, Texas, USA F940
3 HEMPHILL / WATKINS  6 Apr 1980Dallas Co, Texas, USA F941
4 POWELL / CHAPMAN  16 Mar 1911Dallas Co, Texas, USA F3065
5 REEDY / GATLIN  3 Jan 1970Dallas Co, Texas, USA F5306
6 SMITH / CANANT  24 Sep 1966Dallas Co, Texas, USA F1569
7 WATSON / COTTER  6 May 1891Dallas Co, Texas, USA F3027


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 BALDWIN / WATKINS  9 Feb 1973Dallas Co, Texas, USA F496