Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Shelby Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 31.79, Longitude: -94.14


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, Larry Gene  21 May 1963Shelby Co, Texas, USA I14491
2 BEASLEY, Emma Corrine  20 Oct 1884Shelby Co, Texas, USA I9430
3 BICKHAM, Infant Son  5 Jul 1937Shelby Co, Texas, USA I12027
4 BOOTH, Bedford Forest  1881Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5245
5 BOOTH, Blanche  13 Oct 1873Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5241
6 BOOTH, Edwin A  26 Feb 1877Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5243
7 BOOTH, Elizabeth Lee  11 Sep 1863Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5235
8 BOOTH, Eugenia Adelaide  10 Feb 1853Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5229
9 BOOTH, John Brinson  16 Dec 1869Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5239
10 BOOTH, John Wilkes  23 Jan 1879Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5244
11 BOOTH, Matthew J  19 Jun 1857Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5232
12 BOOTH, Nancy Henrietta  22 Jul 1866Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5237
13 BOOTH, Ola  18 Dec 1871Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5240
14 BOOTH, Robert Bouland  15 Oct 1859Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5233
15 BOOTH, Stella  31 Jul 1875Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5242
16 BOOTH, Susan J  28 Jul 1856Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5231
17 BOOTH, Veleda  17 Dec 1867Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5238
18 BOOTH, William H  16 Dec 1854Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5230
19 BOOTH, Zachariah  14 Nov 1861Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5234
20 BRINSON, Alpha  20 May 1905Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5222
21 BRINSON, Bertram  4 Jul 1892Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5219
22 BRINSON, Franklin Groves  18 Oct 1897Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5208
23 BRINSON, Jane  Abt 1863Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5203
24 BRINSON, Mary Jane  11 Feb 1849Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5088
25 BRINSON, Zachariah  21 Dec 1865Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5204
26 CLEMENTS, Edgar Booth Jr  18 Apr 1887Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5257
27 CLEMENTS, Willie Veleda  21 Sep 1889Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5256
28 COOPER, Osa Cornelius  20 Dec 1895Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13277
29 COOPER, Sarah Lou  15 Mar 1891Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13274
30 COZART, LoLette Madeline  15 Sep 1915Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5134
31 HARDY, Charles Rankin  28 Jun 1877Shelby Co, Texas, USA I1868
32 HARDY, Lena Mary  31 Jan 1881Shelby Co, Texas, USA I4269
33 HARDY, Rayford Lacey  23 Sep 1903Shelby Co, Texas, USA I4343
34 HOOPER, Ida Selena  20 Sep 1868Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5260
35 HOOPER, Mary Eliza  24 Jan 1865Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5252
36 HOOPER, Obadiah Oran  22 Sep 1871Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5261
37 HOOPER, Sarah Francis  13 Apr 1858Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5259
38 HUGHES, Isaiah Richards  24 Apr 1878Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5829
39 HUGHES, Raymond E  3 Sep 1907Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5786
40 IRWIN, Emily Ann  12 Jan 1853Shelby Co, Texas, USA I8060
41 JOHNSON, Middleton Tate Jr  1845Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5381
42 MCLEMORE, Mary Ann  23 Jul 1843Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5394
43 MORRIS, Mary Helen  15 Jul 1924Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5794
44 PARKER, Edna Susan  12 Dec 1879Shelby Co, Texas, USA I12779
45 PARKMAN, Birdie  26 Dec 1880Shelby Co, Texas, USA I6144
46 PATTERSON, Ione Elizabeth  23 Nov 1908Shelby Co, Texas, USA I10979
47 PATTERSON, Iva Lee  8 Jan 1911Shelby Co, Texas, USA I10974
48 PATTERSON, Jewel Faye  19 May 1921Shelby Co, Texas, USA I10987
49 PATTERSON, John H  7 Nov 1870Shelby Co, Texas, USA I8925
50 PATTERSON, Tolbert Lee  27 Nov 1878Shelby Co, Texas, USA I8928
51 POUNDS, Dora  27 May 1867Shelby Co, Texas, USA I12370
52 POUNDS, Robert Burk  22 Aug 1868Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13263
53 PRINCE, Mary Catherine  18 Oct 1881Shelby Co, Texas, USA I10973
54 RISINGER, Louise  9 Sep 1928Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5777
55 RUNNELS, Matthew Sidney  24 Sep 1867Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5287
56 SANDERS, John Barnette  15 Nov 1903Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5569
57 STALLING, Edward Ross  22 Jul 1875Shelby Co, Texas, USA I11693
58 STALLINGS, Berry Cornell  27 Dec 1886Shelby Co, Texas, USA I11701
59 TAYLOR, David McKnight  12 Feb 1878Shelby Co, Texas, USA I3858
60 TODD, Mary Ada  3 Apr 1869Shelby Co, Texas, USA I2978
61 WEAVER, Vernon F  30 Mar 1872Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5444


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, Willie Geneva  29 Dec 1944Shelby Co, Texas, USA I4044
2 BECKHAM, Solomon Cicero  8 May 1899Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5205
3 BELL, Sarah Jane Catherine  30 Jun 1933Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13271
4 BERRY, Sarah Ann Elizabeth  8 Sep 1900Shelby Co, Texas, USA I11700
5 BICKHAM, Infant Son  5 Jul 1937Shelby Co, Texas, USA I12027
6 BOOTH, Edwin A  18 Oct 1941Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5243
7 BOOTH, Eugenia Adelaide  3 Nov 1854Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5229
8 BOOTH, John Brinson  23 May 1870Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5239
9 BOOTH, Robert Bouland  26 Jun 1925Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5233
10 BOOTH, William H  10 Oct 1858Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5230
11 BOOTH, Zachariah  31 May 1882Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5228
12 BOOTH, Zachariah  17 Dec 1944Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5234
13 BRAY, Henry Dowdy  27 Oct 1928Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5213
14 BRAY, John Henry  1 Oct 1931Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5214
15 BRINSON, Alpha  3 Jun 1906Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5222
16 BRINSON, Franklin Groves  13 Jul 1900Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5208
17 BRINSON, Matthew  Jul 1861Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5089
18 BRINSON, Susan A  Bef 1870Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5087
19 CARTER, Caleb Ezra  15 Jan 1939Shelby Co, Texas, USA I6125
20 CARTER, Hubbard  30 May 1899Shelby Co, Texas, USA I6091
21 COLLINS, Evie Lou  10 Jul 1959Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5206
22 COOPER, William A  6 Oct 1943Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13259
23 COZART, Hiram  14 Jun 1857Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5117
24 CRAWFORD, Evelyn A  20 Nov 1988Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5787
25 DUNCAN, Mildred F  4 Feb 1937Shelby Co, Texas, USA I15079
26 FRANKS, Irene  25 Nov 1920Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13276
27 GARRISON, Thomas Smith  1 Nov 1920Shelby Co, Texas, USA I3686
28 HARRIS, Walter W  27 Sep 1930Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13275
29 HUGHES, Isaiah Richards  9 Feb 1949Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5829
30 INGRAM, Albert Dural  1 Mar 1988Shelby Co, Texas, USA I9425
31 JONES, Georgia  1 Feb 1923Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5830
32 MCIVER, David Starns Sr  14 Jun 1992Shelby Co, Texas, USA I13434
33 MCLEMORE, Atkin  Bef 1880Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5100
34 MCNARY, Francis Laura  1872Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5114
35 O'BANNION, Laura  11 Jan 1944Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5897
36 PATTERSON, John H  27 Oct 1903Shelby Co, Texas, USA I8925
37 PATTERSON, Robert C  1905Shelby Co, Texas, USA I8926
38 POLLARD, Francis Elizabeth  11 Aug 1987Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5698
39 POLLARD, Joseph Graham  24 Apr 1991Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5704
40 RAINBOLT, Walter Clarence  1 Apr 1997Shelby Co, Texas, USA I6300
41 ROSS, Persis Tinkle  29 Jan 2000Shelby Co, Texas, USA I1482
42 SANFORD, Elizabeth Avery  28 May 1989Shelby Co, Texas, USA I6255
43 TAYLOR, William McKnight  4 Nov 1993Shelby Co, Texas, USA I3861
44 WEAVER, Hazel Fern  24 Nov 1978Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5563
45 WEAVER, Paul Bryan  22 Nov 1994Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5566
46 YOUNGBLOOD, Francis  15 Apr 1970Shelby Co, Texas, USA I5785


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRAY / BRINSON  24 Dec 1920Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1825
2 BRINSON / BOWLING  1 Jul 1891Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1828
3 BRINSON / COLLINS  27 Jun 1896Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1822
4 BRINSON / MOSELEY  6 Apr 1898Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1819
5 COOPER / FRANKS  3 Dec 1888Shelby Co, Texas, USA F4757
6 COZART / BRINSON  15 Jul 1846Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1787
7 GARRISON / TODD  15 May 1888Shelby Co, Texas, USA F990
8 HOOPER / BOOTH  15 Jan 1882Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1838
9 HUGHES / POLLARD  5 Jan 1940Shelby Co, Texas, USA F2051
10 MORRISON / BOOTH  9 Feb 1881Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1834
11 POUNDS / MIZE  9 Aug 1865Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1286
12 RUNNELS / HOOPER  5 Sep 1889Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1856
13 TAYLOR / GREEN  27 Jul 1968Shelby Co, Texas, USA F1309