Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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North Carolina, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Christian Isabell  28 Mar 1838North Carolina, USA I10683
2 May  North Carolina, USA I9758
3 Nancy  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I11246
4 ATKINSON, Elizabeth  1769North Carolina, USA I1335
5 BAKER, Delila  1770-1775North Carolina, USA I9614
6 BARHAM, John  17 Aug 1803North Carolina, USA I5908
7 BARRINGER, Paul B  Jan 1858North Carolina, USA I14789
8 BECKERDITE, Colin  Abt 1808North Carolina, USA I1562
9 CORNELIUS, Miles A  North Carolina, USA I5582
10 DANIEL, Macie  1824North Carolina, USA I11286
11 DRY, Henry  North Carolina, USA I9909
12 DRY, Ida Belle  9 Jul 1878North Carolina, USA I9906
13 FOREE, James Oliver  9 Apr 1857North Carolina, USA I10247
14 FORTNER, Fielding Clark  25 Jul 1854North Carolina, USA I11243
15 FORTUNE, Lola A  21 Oct 1854North Carolina, USA I8766
16 FREEMAN, Sarah Adeline  19 Sep 1962North Carolina, USA I7408
17 GARRISON, Caleb Sr  1775North Carolina, USA I82
18 GARRISON, Zebulon  22 Oct 1770North Carolina, USA I98
19 GREGORY, Sarah  17 Jun 1783North Carolina, USA I1075
20 JACKSON, Ann  30 Nov 1805North Carolina, USA I5910
21 LUCK, Lorissa M  9 Jan 1842North Carolina, USA I1838
22 MCKNIGHT, Mary  12 Oct 1802North Carolina, USA I6995
23 MCNAIR, Gilbert  14 Jan 1827North Carolina, USA I3821
24 MONTEITH, Abner  Abt 1818North Carolina, USA I11245
25 MONTEITH, Mary Jane  9 Sep 1858North Carolina, USA I11244
26 MOSS, James  Abt 1773North Carolina, USA I7448
27 PARKER, Jane Alice  North Carolina, USA I9910
28 PARKER, Jesse William  24 Oct 1854North Carolina, USA I12777
29 PAYSEUR, Muriel  29 Mar 1910North Carolina, USA I12435
30 POWELL, Charles Fisher  29 Nov 1859North Carolina, USA I13952
31 RAY, William Dunn  Abt 1807North Carolina, USA I6589
32 ROSS, Catherine  8 Jun 1780North Carolina, USA I7904
33 SHAW, Dushee  2 Dec 1838North Carolina, USA I12451
34 URBAN, John  North Carolina, USA I11164
35 USSERY, Mary Anna  1793North Carolina, USA I8659
36 VINSON, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1807North Carolina, USA I6198
37 VINSON, John B  24 Sep 1827North Carolina, USA I9761
38 WILLIAMS, William Howard  15 Sep 1844North Carolina, USA I169
39 WILSON, James Alexander  14 Mar 1845North Carolina, USA I8110