Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Gregg Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.4892547, Longitude: -94.85206360000001


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRETT, Debra Kay  25 Nov 1957Gregg Co, Texas, USA I14481
2 CURTIS, James Robert II  18 Aug 1945Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9730
3 EVERS, April Susan  17 Nov 1969Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13594
4 STRONG, Infant Son  13 Sep 1934Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8895


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDINGTON, Frank Neuton  4 Feb 1964Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8610
2 ARMSTRONG, Sarah DeRue  16 Jul 1977Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9718
3 BALLENGER, Anna Lou  24 Apr 1996Gregg Co, Texas, USA I4028
4 BALLENGER, Jewell Audry  18 Jul 1979Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8652
5 BALLENGER, Laurine  4 Dec 1991Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8647
6 BALLENGER, Louis Alphus  17 Jul 1959Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8636
7 BARRETT, Willie Faye  25 Aug 1999Gregg Co, Texas, USA I7596
8 BARTON, Rosa Elizabeth  29 Oct 1991Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13305
9 CUNYUS, Howell Hohmann  3 Sep 1998Gregg Co, Texas, USA I12595
10 CURTIS, James Robert  2 Jul 1999Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9716
11 DEVEREUX, William Miller  15 Nov 1937Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9485
12 FINKLEA, Judge David Sr  15 Aug 1978Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13015
13 GIBSON, Alpheus Lavell  12 Feb 1995Gregg Co, Texas, USA I14933
14 GRIFFIN, Sallie Mills  22 Mar 1993Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9481
15 HILL, Lillie Gertrude  27 Mar 1994Gregg Co, Texas, USA I11681
16 KEENER, Lawson  8 Sep 1967Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9697
17 MAYS, William Rogers  15 Jan 1990Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8778
18 MCDONOUGH, Annie Laura  29 Sep 1989Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8540
19 MCNAIR, Nancy Margaret  15 Mar 1979Gregg Co, Texas, USA I7558
20 MCNAIR, Tommie Lee  16 Aug 1999Gregg Co, Texas, USA I7561
21 NAIL, Agnes  27 May 1999Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9900
22 STRONG, Infant Son  13 Sep 1934Gregg Co, Texas, USA I8895
23 TAYLOR, Adolphus Troys  12 Nov 1982Gregg Co, Texas, USA I4201
24 TAYLOR, Vei LaFayette  15 Nov 1977Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13307
25 THOMAS, Henry Emmett  25 Aug 1979Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13302
26 THOMAS, Leta Mae  1 Dec 1992Gregg Co, Texas, USA I13303
27 WILLIAMS, Herbert Lacy  15 Feb 1988Gregg Co, Texas, USA I9709
28 WYLIE, Robert Leonard  28 Jul 1990Gregg Co, Texas, USA I4197


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BASS / GARRISON  23 May 1906Gregg Co, Texas, USA F4227
2 CHAPMAN / HOLLAND  10 Jul 1915Gregg Co, Texas, USA F4691
3 CHAPMAN / KING  21 Aug 1904Gregg Co, Texas, USA F3063
4 DAHLSTROM / BENNETT  30 May 1974Gregg Co, Texas, USA F3107
5 THOMAS / KING  6 Aug 1902Gregg Co, Texas, USA F4770
6 WATKINS / SMITH  1 Dec 1913Gregg Co, Texas, USA F4665