Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Carroll Co, Georgia, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 33.5642239, Longitude: -85.0649071


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COSPER, Joseph Berry  6 Sep 1820Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I7102
2 CARTER, Hubbard  12 Jun 1822Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I6091
3 GARRISON, Caleb Jackson Sr  31 May 1827Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3681
4 GARRISON, Zadok Bonner  20 Apr 1829Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3682
5 GARRISON, Sarah Ann  27 May 1831Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3683
6 LAMBERTH, Sarah Jane  22 Jun 1832Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15390
7 GARRISON, Susan Mandeville  8 Jun 1833Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3684
8 GILLESPIE, Mary Eliza  9 Dec 1833Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I13800
9 LAMBERTH, Jerusha Ann  12 Apr 1835Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15391
10 GARRISON, John H  14 Jul 1835Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3685
11 TURNER, Levi John Wooten  11 Aug 1835Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3792
12 LAMBERTH, Louisa Berilla  8 Feb 1837Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15392
13 GARRISON, Thomas Smith  17 May 1837Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3686
14 LAMBERTH, John G  Apr 1838Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15393
15 LAMBERTH, William S  12 Nov 1840Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15394
16 GARRISON, William Fleming  1843Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I799
17 LAMBERTH, Caleb H  Abt 1843Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15395
18 MERRILL, James B  Abt 1843Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15401
19 BONNER, Martha Jane  24 Feb 1844Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8219
20 LAMBERTH, Edwin  Abt 1845Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15396
21 MERRILL, J L  Abt 1845Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15402
22 GARRISON, Emily Harriet  16 Aug 1845Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I2966
23 BONNER, William Stegal  20 Feb 1846Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8220
24 GARRISON, William Barnett Moss  8 May 1847Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3690
25 LAMBERTH, Martha Elva  28 Aug 1847Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15397
26 LAMBERTH, James P  Abt 1849Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15398
27 MERRILL, Maria J  Abt 1849Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15403
28 MERRILL, Permelia  Abt 1852Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15405
29 CARTER, Rhoda Ann  24 May 1853Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I4818
30 MERRILL, Joseph B Jr  Abt 1854Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15407
31 MERRILL, Robert E  Abt 1855Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15408
32 BONNER, Thomas Jefferson  2 Mar 1855Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8221
33 BOYD, James Wesley  26 Jul 1855Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3964
34 GARRISON, Mary Patton  29 Apr 1856Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I805
35 MERRILL, William H  Abt 1857Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15409
36 RICHARDS, Josephine Elizabeth  9 Feb 1857Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3965
37 GARRISON, James Percival  9 Aug 1858Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I796
38 MERRILL, Thomas C  Abt 1859Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15410
39 GARRISON, Mary Avery  18 Apr 1861Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I6204
40 BONNER, William Luther  6 Oct 1861Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8399
41 BONNER, Martha Elvira  8 Sep 1865Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8401
42 GARRISON, Clarence Eugene  14 Jul 1866Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I797
43 BONNER, Jordan Thomas  12 May 1873Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I15138
44 LANE, Fannie Lucy  6 Feb 1885Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8267


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BONNER, Smith  15 Apr 1832Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8161
2 BONNER, Zadock Sr  1848Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3679
3 GILLISPIE, Martha M  9 Mar 1857Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8214
4 TURNER, Hiram  30 Dec 1864Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I5603
5 DUKE, Edmond Jr  Abt 1866Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8150
6 WILLIAMSON, Arminda Louisa Caroline  6 May 1877Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I10039
7 JONES, Martha Ann  24 May 1878Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8228
8 WYNNE, Sloman  1 Sep 1881Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I11951
9 BONNER, Martha Jane  Oct 1883Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8219
10 BONNER, John Thomas  25 Aug 1893Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8169
11 TURNER, Larkin James Allen  1916Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I10041
12 BONNER, William Stegal  7 May 1923Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8220
13 WOOD, Lucy J  14 Apr 1935Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I8216
14 TURNER, James Horton  19 Jul 1943Carroll Co, Georgia, USA I3192


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COSPER / GARRISON  10 Jun 1830Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F86
2 FROST / GARRISON  22 Aug 1832Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F446
3 GARRISON / CURTISS  21 Nov 1839Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F88
4 GARRISON / COCHRAN  5 Feb 1840Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F26
5 MERRILL / LAMBERTH  20 Sep 1842Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F5571
6 CARTER / GARRISON  28 Nov 1849Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2171
7 BARKER / BONNER  1 Jan 1857Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2944
8 SHACKELFORD / BONNER  23 Sep 1857Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2954
9 DANIEL / GARRISON  12 Jul 1866Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2294
10 AINSWORTH / GARRISON  26 Dec 1866Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F269
11 BONNER / JONES  31 Dec 1868Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2949
12 BONNER / JONES  29 Aug 1878Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2950
13 SHACKELFORD / LANE  17 Dec 1905Carroll Co, Georgia, USA F2957