Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Angelina Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 31.2704698, Longitude: -94.645035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WILKERSON, Stacey Evaline  4 Jan 1866Angelina Co, Texas, USA I11625
2 WHITTER, William Hershal  15 Oct 1934Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6752
3 THOMPSON, John William  28 Jul 1938Angelina Co, Texas, USA I13499
4 THOMPSON, David Wayne Jr  28 Jul 1938Angelina Co, Texas, USA I13498
5 HARBUCK, Joe Otis  17 Feb 1920Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6737
6 BROOKSHIRE, John W  19 Mar 1857Angelina Co, Texas, USA I14819
7 BICKFORD, Charles Mervin  3 Jun 1912Angelina Co, Texas, USA I5269
8 BATEMAN, Harris J  29 Aug 1899Angelina Co, Texas, USA I8081
9 BATEMAN, Charlie W  25 Oct 1904Angelina Co, Texas, USA I8089
10 BARRETT, Margaret Ann  12 Mar 1933Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6729
11 BARRETT, Lois Marie  30 Oct 1925Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 YORK, Vivian Ryan  1 Jan 1989Angelina Co, Texas, USA I12019
2 WILLIAMS, Ruby Beamus  21 Apr 1991Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6722
3 WHITLEY, Sarah Elizabeth  9 Jan 1999Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4288
4 TREADWAY, F Mage  14 Dec 1933Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4700
5 TREADAWAY, Conston Tine  6 Jun 1962Angelina Co, Texas, USA I7626
6 SMITH, Willie Lee  1 Jan 1989Angelina Co, Texas, USA I5157
7 PEDEN, Lois Indiana  17 Aug 1997Angelina Co, Texas, USA I6757
8 NARANJO, Julio Neal  19 Apr 1996Angelina Co, Texas, USA I5885
9 MURRAY, Ola Lee  24 Jun 1982Angelina Co, Texas, USA I13490
10 LEATH, Colly Edward Jr  7 Apr 1998Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4159
11 HARDY, Lena Mary  24 Nov 1980Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4269
12 HARDEMAN, Frances Anne  6 Dec 1992Angelina Co, Texas, USA I7093
13 HAIRSTON, Grace  14 Nov 1983Angelina Co, Texas, USA I12364
14 GARRISON, Elizabeth Antoinette  19 Mar 1985Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4788
15 GARRISON, Arthur Allen  13 Jan 1991Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4789
16 BARRETT, Leon Duncan  8 Oct 1980Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4045
17 BARRETT, Harry Hilton  25 Nov 1979Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4424
18 BARRETT, Gordon Langston Sr  28 Jun 1985Angelina Co, Texas, USA I4048


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JONES / PARRISH  11 Apr 1909Angelina Co, Texas, USA F4071
2 DUNCAN / DAVISON  20 Oct 1913Angelina Co, Texas, USA F5451
3 BICKFORD / CLEMENTS  31 Aug 1935Angelina Co, Texas, USA F1845