Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Matches 1 to 66 of 66 for Tree equals Garrison-Logan Family Tree AND Branch equals Sockwell, William Wright and Sara M Garrison descendants

   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married  
1 F3842
BETHELL, John W SOCKWELL, Ida Hester 24 Dec 1878 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
2 F3860
3 F3825
BRITTON RICH, Eddie Mae   
4 F3808
BUNCH, Terry H LITTLE, Cleo Catherine 4 Jan 1917 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
5 F4932
BUNCH, Terry H WINGO, Mancy Nell 18 Aug 1941 Plainview, Hale Co, Texas, USA  
6 F3819
COSBY, James LITTLE, Beulah Mae   
7 F3809
COURSE, Donald Wilfred LITTLE, Alta Merle 4 Jun 1944 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
8 F3804
DUNKERLY, Court LITTLE, Lola Lee Aft 1930  
9 F3829
GEORGE, W Tee HORTON, Annie Loraine 10 Dec 1935  
10 F5336
GRAHAM, Wallace R SOCKWELL, Lura Estelle 1 Oct 1906 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
11 F3880
HINDS, William Ross LITTLE, Joy 23 Aug 1953  
12 F3827
HORTON, Frank D LITTLE, Bessie John 16 Sep 1906 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
13 F3828
HORTON, John Hilton MANNING, Fannie Lou 20 Dec 1929  
14 F3833
IRWIN, William Bruce HORTON, Mary Syble 17 Jul 1934  
15 F3872
LAWRENCE, Billy Clyde COSNER, Dorothy Jeanette   
16 F3873
LAWRENCE, Billy Clyde REEVES, Louise   
17 F3803
LAWRENCE, C F LITTLE, Lola Lee 25 Dec 1915 McLennan Co, Texas, USA  
18 F3837
LEWALLING, William J BASON, Rosa 28 Dec 1869 Red River Co, Texas, USA  
19 F3836
LEWALLING, William J SOCKWELL, Amanda Caroline 8 Apr 1888 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
20 F3838
LEWALLING, William J JONES, Emma 7 Jan 1900 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
21 F3813
LITTLE, Benjamin Estes LUSK, Adeline 24 Dec 1908 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
22 F3822
LITTLE, Carroll Haynes MCGEHEE, Mozelle   
23 F3823
LITTLE, Clinton Clark HELMS, Hattie E 1913  
24 F3815
LITTLE, Frank Orlando WOLFE, Lula 4 Nov 1896 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
25 F3817
LITTLE, Frank Orr BRADEN, Grace Lee 11 Nov 1923 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
26 F3814
LITTLE, George Young THOMSON, Florence 10 Dec 1909 Lamar Co, Texas, USA  
27 F3805
LITTLE, James Fleming WHATLEY, Alabama 27 Jul 1890 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
28 F3807
LITTLE, James Grayson RICE, Frances Abt 1928 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
29 F3800
LITTLE, John William SOCKWELL, Mary Annie 30 Dec 1862 Georgia, USA  
30 F3801
LITTLE, John William BACON, Donna 6 Nov 1887 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
31 F3802
LITTLE, John William KING, Abbie Lee 1 May 1890 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
32 F3818
LITTLE, Raymond MCGEEHEE, Bonnie   
33 F3876
LITTLE, William Estes FRANK, Mildred Leta Mae 26 Nov 1931 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
34 F3851
35 F3850
MILLER, Virgil Thomas SOCKWELL, Florence Aylene 5 Apr 1931 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
36 F5338
OPIE, John Hurd SOCKWELL, Ida Mae   
37 F2433
RAINBOLT, Francis Marion HAYTER, Minerva Elizabeth 12 Mar 1857  
38 F3824
RICH, Edward Earl LITTLE, Ida Mae 7 Aug 1900 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
39 F3826
RICH, Hulen MCAFEE, Glenna Mae   
40 F3844
ROBERTS, William WILSON, Helen   
41 F3812
ROUTH, Horace Orlando BARNES, Annie   
42 F3810
ROUTH, J Mack LITTLE, Sara Rowena 13 May 1883 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
43 F3811
ROUTH, William SIMMONS, Edna   
44 F3816
SIMMS, Ogden Dennis LITTLE, Lillian Abt 1914  
45 F3852
SOCKWELL, Billy John PACE, Lorene Agnes 28 Nov 1928 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
46 F3856
SOCKWELL, Edwin Lawrence RENFRO, Esther Mae 31 Dec 1899 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
47 F3849
SOCKWELL, Florence Newton PAUL, Maud Alma 24 Jan 1905 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
48 F3853
SOCKWELL, Jackson Lorenzo HARRIS, Minnie Malinda 29 Aug 1895 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
49 F3835
SOCKWELL, James Fleming HALE, Mattie E 4 Oct 1876 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
50 F3854
SOCKWELL, James Garnett GOVER, Oney Clyde 15 Dec 1929 Rockwall Co, Texas, USA  
51 F3855
SOCKWELL, Leon DUNCAN, Georgia Odell   
52 F5337
SOCKWELL, Melvin Hale BRAME, Zoe M 23 Jan 1902 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
53 F3857
SOCKWELL, Thomas Lorenzo Elizabeth   
54 F3795
SOCKWELL, William Wright Ida   
55 F3793
SOCKWELL, William Wright GARRISON, Sarah M Abt 1842  
56 F3848
SOCKWELL, William Wright FINN, Jerusha Evelyn Abt 1867 Georgia, USA  
57 F3794
SOCKWELL, William Wright SMITH, Emma Lillian 26 Dec 1880 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
58 F3798
SPLAWN, Arthur B YOUNG, Jewel 3 Jul 1920  
59 F5339
TUCKER, Horace Kendall OPIE, Catherine 23 Oct 1946 Los Angeles Co, California, USA  
60 F3821
WASSON, Jimmie LITTLE, Dorothy   
61 F3820
62 F3843
WILSON, Clarence George BETHELL, Eula M 1 Jan 1901 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
63 F3806
WOLFE, Madison Lewis LITTLE, Floy 28 Nov 1913 Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
64 F3799
WRIGHT, Sterling SOCKWELL, Maybelle   
65 F3797
YOUNG, James Preston B SOCKWELL, Rhoda Nancy 24 Dec 1878 Hunt Co, Texas, USA  
66 F3846
YOUNG, John Claude