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Matches 1 to 33 of 33 for Tree equals Garrison-Logan Family Tree AND Branch equals Dykes, John Netherland descendants

   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married  
1 F5433
BAILEY, Luther Baxter DYKES, Norah Pearl   
2 F5434
BERRY, Lewis G DYKES, Sallie Jane Abt 1903  
3 F5049
BROCK, Lee ESTES, Belle Gates 23 Dec 1926 Davidson Co, Tennessee, USA  
4 F5413
BULLION, Henry Hiram DYKES, Ora Rebecca  Bulls Gap, Hawkins Co, Tennessee, USA  
5 F4188
CARLTON, William Blake WALKER, Mary   
6 F4202
CRAWFORD, Onie DYKES, Grace 29 May 1937 Hawkins Co, Tennessee, USA  
7 F5048
DYKES, Albert Estes ALLEN, Sarah Louise   
8 F380
DYKES, Clarence Mitchell NEWBERRY, Eva Bef 30 Jan 1920  
9 F4745
DYKES, Donald Richard PLAXCO, Essie Jewell 4 Oct 1947  
10 F4192
DYKES, Henry CURRY, Rebecca Abt 1832  
11 F4742
DYKES, Henry Elisha FEAGINS, Mollie C 7 Sep 1882 Hawkins Co, Tennessee, USA  
12 F4200
DYKES, Henry Elisha MOWL, Rachael Malinda 10 Mar 1898 Hawkins Co, Tennessee, USA  
13 F4193
DYKES, James Minos ESTES, Belle Gates Abt 1903  
14 F5046
DYKES, James Minos Katherine Louise 31 Dec 1917 Davidson Co, Tennessee, USA  
15 F5045
DYKES, James Minos HENRY, Frances Davis 23 Nov 1935 Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA  
16 F4743
DYKES, John N Nora A   
17 F5051
DYKES, John Netherland ROBINSON, Susannah   
18 F382
DYKES, John Netherland LONG, Sarah 19 Apr 1857 Greene Co, Tennessee, USA  
19 F4186
DYKES, John Netherland CARLTON, Margaret E 29 Apr 1880 Rutherford Co, Tennessee, USA  
20 F379
DYKES, Sidney Branch JONES, Ada M 30 Dec 1896 Ellis Co, Texas, USA  
21 F4744
DYKES, William Noah WEST, Vera Willie 16 Jun 1923 Breckenridge, Stephens Co, Texas, USA  
22 F4189
FINGER, C L DYKES, Rose 21 Nov 1906 Rutherford Co, Tennessee, USA  
23 F16
HIGHTOWER, Edwin Connery DYKES, Eva Dee Abt 1922  
24 F17
HIGHTOWER, Edwin Connery LASSETER / LASSITER, Agnes Lois 16 Apr 1949 Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Montgomery Co, Alabama, USA  
25 F4
HIGHTOWER, Kenneth Dykes GARRISON, Doris Jean 3 Jun 1949 Tarrant Co, Texas, USA  
26 F4198
MODRALL, Finis Walker SMOTHERMAN, Mary R 22 Dec 1887 Rutherford Co, Tennessee, USA  
27 F4191
28 F4749
PURCELL, James Homer DYKES, Doris Faye 18 Jul 1952 Grosvenor, Brown Co, Texas, USA  
29 F4187
SMOTHERMAN, Robert M CARLTON, Margaret E 26 Dec 1866 Rutherford Co, Tennessee, USA  
30 F5435
TATE, William Van DYKES, Sallie Jane 14 Sep 1929 Hamblen Co, Tennessee, USA  
31 F5415
WEEMS, Thomas BULLION, Linda   
32 F5414
WHEATLEY, Robert M BULLION, Apalo R   
33 F4190
WIGGS, Walter O DYKES, Ruth 16 Jun 1909 Rutherford Co, Tennessee, USA